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FACT mix 591: Shinichiro Yokota

Wall-to-wall classics from a Tokyo boss.

In 2015, a compilation called Sounds From The Far East introduced the world to two unsung heroes of house music: Soichi Terada, boss of Japan’s Far East Recording label, and his longterm collaborator and friend, Shinichiro Yokota.

Compiled for Rush Hour by DJ and producer Hunee, the LP was a revelation: 13 tracks of effervescent, piano-and-diva-led house with a distinct Japanese accent, making us instant converts to their singular sound. These wide-eyed, open-hearted tracks manage to pair the bossy grooves of classic New York house with the neon-lit bustle of Tokyo and the hyperactive rush of vintage video game music, and 20 years on they sound fresher than ever.

To accompany an interview looking back on their two-decade career, Yokota-san has pulled the brightest jewels from his deep catalog (much of which was made in collaboration with Terada), pairing classics like ‘Do It Again’ and ‘Gotta Have House’ with complementary gems by Terada and a couple of remixes and edits. It’s the ultimate tasting menu for a house hero who’s finally getting his dues.


‘Hohai Beats’ – Soichi Terada
‘Right Here Right Now’
‘Night Drive 2016’
‘Shake Yours’
‘Rain Forest’ feat. Christina Higa – Shinichiro Yokota & Pleasure Cruiser
‘Voices From Beyond’ – Soichi Terada
‘Shitamachi Bobsleigh’
‘Moments Of Samples’ – Soichi Terada
‘Gaming Man’
‘Tokyo XXX’ – Soichi Terada
‘Sora-Sky Magic’ (Shinichiro Yokota remix) – Manabu Nagayama & Masakazu Uehata
‘Gotta Have House’
‘Believe In The House’
‘Hot For You’ – Soichi Terada
‘Do it Again’
‘Got Be Real’



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