A techno vision of the world in 2051.

Berlin-based analog occultist Xosar, aka Sheela Rahman, has dropped her fourth album, Xymeria, as a name-your-price release on Bandcamp.

In keeping with the sci-fi and supernatural themes that have often run through Rahman’s work, Xymeria is a concept album inspired by an imaginary future universe in which humanity has split into two. The title refers to the higher of the two resultant civilizations, an astral plane whose population has “transcended the density of third-dimensional existence” (and incidentally summoned holographic dragons, as covered four tracks in on “Dawn Of The Dragons”).

The album’s 17 evocative, wide-ranging cuts follow the narrative of a messenger travelling between the two worlds, and span gorgeous, melodic techno, vocal-led electro and glitchy experimentation. Titles include “Paradox Ov Time”, “Extraterrestrial Love Affair” and “Neuromatrix”.

Rahman launched her own Gyrocyre label in October 2015, leading off with the punishing Show Yourself EPXymeria is her second album release since then, following December 2015’s Holographic Matrix.

Listen to Xymeria below:



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