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FACT mix 596: Second Woman

A reverberating fusion of sub-aquatic dub and IDM.

Made up of Belong’s Turk Dietrich and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, Second Woman are hardly newcomers. Dietrich has been refining dense drones with Michael Jones as Belong since 2006’s acclaimed October Language, and on top of being a part of the influential IDM duo Telefon Tel Aviv, Eustis has also put in time as a touring member of Nine Inch Nails.

In 2016, Dietrich and Eustis released their first record under the Second Woman moniker, but it wasn’t the first time they’d collaborated. The duo have been working together, on and off, since 1998 and even released music together as Benelli in the early ‘00s. But it was Second Woman that cemented their working relationship.

According to Dietrich, their sound is “Contemporary music focused on engineering perceptual slips.” We wouldn’t disagree – they hone in on Autechre’s controlled chaos and time dilation but draw equally from the dub techno of Basic Channel, Deepchord and the Chain Reaction label. Eustis and Dietrich also allow themselves to pull influence from the myriad of emerging electronic sounds, from footwork to industrial techno.

Second Woman’s FACT mix is the ideal introduction to their sound, a collection of favorites (old and new) and unreleased material from the duo and their wide net of friends and acquaintances. There are rarities included from Rian Treanor, Tim Perkins, Duane Pitre and Eustis’s Telefon Tel Aviv bandmate Charles Cooper, who sadly passed away in 2002.

Second Woman’s incredible second album S/W will be released on April 21 via Spectrum Spools.


Pole – ‘Taxi’
Resilent – ‘1.2’
Deadbeat – ‘Vampire’ (Dub)
Vladislav Delay – ‘Huone’
Captain Ganja and the Space Control – ‘Escape & Return’
Tolerance – ‘Pulse Stati’c (Tranquilla)
Monolake – ‘Abundance’
Charlie Cooper & Turk Dietrich – ‘Westbank’ [Unreleased]
Second Woman – ‘115 Abstract’ [Unreleased]
Drift & Greg Dalphond – ‘MFSB EASY’ [Unreleased]
RAC – ‘Continua…’
Drift – ‘Show & Tell’ [Unreleased]
Charlemagne Palestine – ‘Strumming Music’
Duane Pitre – ‘Studies for Motorized Guitar Music’ [Unreleased]
Newworldaquarium – ‘Daze’
Tim Perkins – ‘Manhunter’ [Unreleased]
Ultravox – ‘Mr. X’
Rrose – ‘Vellum’
Phoenecia – ‘Odd Job’ (Rhythm Box Version)
Objekt – ‘Ganzfeld’
Remote – ‘Protecting My Hive’
Charlie Cooper – ‘Track 10’ [Unreleased]
Sons of Magdalene – ‘Squeeze My Neck’ [Unreleased]
Anthony Rother – ‘Eyes’
Der Zyklus – ‘Elektronisches Zeitechno’
Tod Dockstader – ‘Flight’
Turk Dietrich – ‘Rittle’ [Unreleased]
N1L – ‘Jaget Och Maskerna’
Lanark Artefax – ‘Phasze’
Rian Treanor – ‘Pattern_A2’
M. Ashraf feat. Nahid Akhtar – ‘Good News For You’ (Rian Treanor edit]) [Unreleased]
Renick Bell – ‘The Well’
Second Woman – ‘////\\\\’ (Gábor Lázár Version)
Basic Rhythm – ‘E18’
Seekersinternational – ‘Channeltwo’ (snippet)
Hi$to – ‘Woodgrain Trippin’
MoonDoctoR & DJ Earl – ‘Aah’
Seekersinternational – ‘TellURudeBwoy’ (ft. wzdryAV)
Foul Play – ‘Being With You’ (Foul Play Remix)
Goldie – ‘Jah the Seventh Seal’
4hero – ‘Solar Emmisions’
Goldie – ‘Still Life’ (Photek Remix)
Biosphere – ‘Algae & Fungi’ (Part 1)
Valere – ‘Eightam’ [Unreleased]
Implex Grace – ‘Moonlight Slanting’ [Unreleased]
TCF – ‘7A04DEEC2CB64E80D22874C8D247D3DDBE6524A3’
Anon001 – ‘Anonymous’ [Unreleased]



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