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FACT mix 597: Mall Grab

Aussie house upstart Mall Grab kickflips the summer.

With crumbly lo-fi 4/4 beats, absurd track titles and surreal artwork, Mall Grab, aka Australian producer and DJ Jordon Alexander, is a divisive presence in dance music.

Even his moniker has been picked to elicit a very specific response: the “mall grab” is a way of holding a skateboard that’s frowned upon by real skaters; it’s usually associated with teenagers who use their decks as an accessory to carry around the mall.

But there’s more to Alexander’s sound than a mischievous name and a well-placed CJ Mac sample. In the last few years, he’s built up a significant following, with a slew of essential 12″s for DJ Haus’s Unknown to the Unknown and Hot Haus imprints, Vancouver lo-fi house stable 1080p and his very own Steel City Dance Discs label.

On his FACT mix, Alexander drags us through a haze of spiritual jazz before arriving on his signature dusty deep house swing, pasting his own compositions alongside tracks from Florist, Salary Boy and others.

Mall Grab’s excellent Pool Party EP ‎is out now on Hot Haus Records.


Allen Ginsberg – ‘America’
Amazing Farmer Singers of Chicago – ‘I Got A Telephone In My Bosom’
Orlando Julius and His Afro Sounders – ‘Mura Sise’
Metropolis – ‘The Gatekeeper’
Anders And – ‘00045 (Love)’
Florist – ‘Windows On The World (Moving Day Dub)’
Mall Grab – ‘Caught Slippin’’
Salary Boy – ‘The Illusion’
Loods – ‘Nobody’
Kikuchi Momoko – ‘Blind Curve’
Jesse Futermans – ‘A Tribute To Horace’



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