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Listen to Straight From The Bedroom, Basic Rhythm’s new pirate radio mix series

Straight From The Bedroom is a new mix series from Anthoney Hart, aka Basic Rhythm and Imaginary Forces. Each month, Hart will raid his record collection to piece together a picture of the pirate radio era, rolling through hardcore, jungle, techno and eventually drum & bass.

The first mix in Anthoney Hart’s essential new monthly mix series focuses on 1990, rattling through bleep techno, hardcore and jungle classics and obscurities and conjuring up an accurate picture of the pirate radio days.

There’s no tracklist, so get digging.

On the idea behind the series, Hart writes:

“I started this mix series a number of years ago under my Imaginary Forces alias, but then moved abroad and was unable to continue. During that time I started the Basic Rhythm project as a means of more explicitly exploring my own musical background in pirate radio and in the process re-contextualizing and updating it. Having since moved back to London I decided to relaunch the series, this time using the Basic Rhythm alias as it felt more apt to tie it to this project.

“The idea is to eventually record my entire record collection, year by year, in hour-long mixes. Each mix will naturally be entirely subjective, consisting of what I was playing and listening to at the time, as well as the big tunes on radio and in the raves.

“The series starts from my early days of buying records at Music Power in Ilford, Total Music in Bethnal Green, Boogie Times in Romford, and even the odd trip to Paul for Music in Whitechapel; listening to Pulse FM, Unity, Weekend Rush and of course Kool FM; going raving at Telepathy, Stratford Rex, Slammin’ Vinyl and so on; playing on my first pirate station, eventually ending up on the legendary Rude FM. It kicks off in 1990, moving through early house, hardcore, jungle and eventually drum & bass.

“The name of the series is taken from the now legendary series of 12″s on 3rd Party Records, and feels suited to the series as not only did most of us start mixing in our bedrooms back then, but that is also where most of us made the music.

“Shout out to my brother Barry (Barry’s Da Mix), my sister Vonnett, my little brother Leon, my son James, Fugee, MR2, all the Rude FM Kru, Leon at Music House, Loxy, Jim Kutta, Tim Reaper, Overlook, John at Type, Logos, Mumdance, Mike and Jamie at Planet Mu, Acre, Mickey Pearce, Sinta, all the silent listeners and all the bedroom ravers. A special thank you to William Kingett for the artwork.”

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