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FACT mix 603: DJ Deeon

Dance Mania’s DJ Deeon turns in an hour of trunk-rattling ass-shakers.

Chicago’s DJ Deeon is a bona fide house music legend. With a catalogue of stripped-down, bass-heavy hits stretching back to the early 1990s, he pioneered the sound that would become known as “ghetto house”, propping up the influential Dance Mania label with his unique, rugged club constructions.

Popular and influential in Chicago’s South Side, Deeon’s bass womps, vocal snippets and twitchy beats gave way to what would become known as “juke” and then “footwork”. The sounds changed but the soul remained – this is dance music without frills, music with purpose and more importantly, a dance subgenre with a genuine grip on funk.

Deeon is so influential that Daft Punk shouted him out on ‘Teachers’ and he’s still packing out sweatboxes from New York to Glasgow today, bringing in legions of new fans desperate to hear an un-sanitized version of house and techno.

DJ Deeon’s FACT mix shouldn’t be taken lightly – alongside his own productions and remixes, he mashes together cuts from Cajmere, Paul Johnson, Gant Man, DJ Slugo, Todd Terry and more. If you’re looking for a mix to jolt you from the pallid monotony of contemporary house, you’ve found it.

DJ Deeon’s remix of Redlight’s ‘City Jams’ will be released on Unknown To The Unknown on June 9.


Roberto Palmero – ‘Jens Sap (Gettoblaster Remix)’ (RX)
DJ Deeon – ‘City Jams’ (RX)
Paul Anthony – ‘Blip’ (RX)
Bad Boy Bill & Gettoblaster – ‘Pimpin Hoes’
Gettoblaster feat. Servante – ‘Finger Bang’
Kaptain Cadillac – ‘Shake Yo Butt’
Bad Boy Bill – ‘Bang Them Fukin Walls’
Todd Terry – ‘Video Crash’ (RX)
DJ Deeon – ‘Where The Hoez (Bad Boy Bill & Gettoblaster Remix)’ (RX)
Cajmere – ‘Coffee Pot (It’s Time For The Percolator)’ (RX)
Paul Johnson – ‘Fuck You’
Debo – ‘Spit Game’ (RX)
Bad Boy Bill & Gettoblaster feat. Benjamin Paper – ‘White Girl’
Unknown – ‘Shake’
DJ Slugo – ‘Y Chromo’
DJ Deeon – ‘MUV’
Steve Poindexter – ‘Computer Madness’
Ron Carroll – ‘Break Yo Legs’
Kaptain Cadillac – ‘Booty Call’
Don Rimini – ‘Do U Wanna F’
Tai Davis – ‘Land Of Confusion (Tai’s Remake)’
Paul Johnson – ‘Hit It Up’
Gant-Man – ‘3 Blind Mice’
Robert Armani – ‘Armani Trax (Remixed by Like A Tim)’
DJ Deeon – ‘Freak Like Me (Will Clarke Remix)’ (RX)
Unknown – ‘Work Your Body’
Gant Man – ‘Jungle Zoo’
DJ Deeon – ‘Anarchy’
Fancy Fix – ‘Dance Like A Stripper’

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