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FACT mix 608: Finn

Turbo-charged selections from Manchester’s finest.

It’s been one high-octane club banger after another from Manchester’s Finn McCorry since he emerged with 2014’s ‘Keep Calling’, turning grime, R&B, ghetto house and everything in between into his own brand of hook-laden Fast Music™.

Finn’s raucous club sets are just as scorching as his music, gaining him a reputation as one of the UK’s best party-starters. Despite his love of gas-guzzling club tracks though, his music is as sweet as it is fast. Drawing inspiration from the short-lived grime sub-genre of R’n’G, his tracks have a romantic touch that’s all too absent from contemporary club music.

2017 is a big year for Finn, with the recent launch of his own label, 2 B Real. The imprint’s “strictly belters” policy has already given us an EP of UK-meets-US club styles with a guest appearance from Swing Ting MC Fox, proving the young producer is just as deft when working with original vocals.

Finn’s FACT mix is a barnstormer, sliding effortlessly from ‘80s funk to ‘90s hardcore via instrumental grime, vintage filter house and an early Warp classic thanks to liberal use of the pitch fader. Not content with including forthcoming 2 B Real tracks from himself and Gerry Read, Finn has employed Riko Dan and Jammz to record exclusive vocal cuts for the mix. So, buckle up, put the top down and rev the engine – this one’s for the speed demons.


The Cool Notes – ‘In Your Car’
Ruf Dug x Glowing Palms – ‘Rachel’s Team’
Murlo – ‘Velvet & Rust’
Stephan Laporté – ‘Dispositions’
Freeez – ‘I.O.U’
Club Idol – ‘Bus Stop (Hip House Mix)’
New Edition – ‘My Secret (Didja Get It?)’
Orange Lemon – ‘Dreams Of Santa Anna’
Connie – ‘Rock Me (Dub Version)’
Ladycop – ‘To Be Real’
Gerry Read – ‘Pinky’
Finn – ‘Sometimes The Going, Gets A Little Tough’
B12 – ‘Hall Of Mirrors’
Paul Johnson – ‘What Ever U Do’
Finn – ‘Doing Keys (Free Demo Version)’
JT The Goon – ‘Ice Cave’
DJ Assault – ‘U Can’t C Me (Riko Dan Dub)’
Sub Love – ‘Maniac Music (Finn Edit)’
Gerry Read – ‘Mass Media’
Finn – ‘Give Us A Hand’
Anz – ‘Invitation To Dance’
Kyle Hall – ‘Finna Pop’
Demdike Stare – ‘Sourcer’
NRG – ‘Domino’
DJ Rashad – ‘In Da Club Before 11 O’Clock’
DJ Surgeon – ‘Duel Of The Jit (Jammz Dub)’
Burning Chrome – ‘Didn’t I Do The Best I Could’

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