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From acid bass to kick drums.

Korg has released a free patchbook for the recently reissued ARP Odyssey synth.

The patchbook takes a modern approach, with the aim of showing the classic instrument’s potential for contemporary genres. As well as acid bass and kick drums, the guide will tell you how to create sound effects ranging from water droplets, ghostly ambience and “chaotic randomized pitches”.

The guide should make the recent ARP Odyssey reissue (and desktop version) more attractive to anyone put off by the lack of saveable presets on the new version of the synth. While it’s aimed at users of the physical ARP Odyssey reissue, the patches were originally created on Korg’s iOS version of the synth, the ARP ODYSSEi.

You can download the ARP Odyssey patchbook from the Korg website. If you want some classic ARP Odyssey sounds from the 1976 manual along with a host of others, go to this ARP Odyssey patch repository. [via Ask.Audio]

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