The Ata Kak band leader steps up with rhythms “straight out of east Africa.”

You don’t become band leader of Ata Kak with knowing a thing or two about vibrant rhythms and Afro-synth magic. South African producer Esa, based in London these days but with a preference for sounds and instruments from his homeland, has been a key force in the legendary Ghanian dance-rap enigma’s revival after 25 years in the shadows these last few years, and it’s easy to see why in his Against The Clock.

Creating a lush, wandering track using real African instruments and pulsing synths in just 10 minutes, his episode’s one we were excited to make happen when the opportunity arose. Check out the video above, filmed at east London’s Secretsundaze Studios , and check the finished version of the jam below. Esa’s AWEH EP is out now.

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