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FACT mix 623: Jana Rush

Footwork veteran Jana Rush paints a picture of the genre in 2017.

It was 1996 when Jana Rush released her first 12″ on Chicago’s influential Dance Mania imprint. A split with the legendary DJ Deeon, the 12″ introduced a vibrant young talent billed as “the youngest female DJ,” and she wasn’t even 18 yet. In fact, Rush was a mere 10 years old when she started performing and 13 when she started producing.

20 years later, she’s back with some of her finest material to date. Her debut album, Pariah, was released on Objects Ltd. earlier this year and stands out as a rare example of a dance music full-length that succeeds on almost every level. It’s fast-paced and jittery, but explores unique textures and rhythms with a calm hand and a veteran’s restraint. Not surprising for a producer who counts Paul Johnson as a mentor and the late DJ Rashad as a peer.

Rush’s FACT mix is typically expansive, running through bass-heavy heaters from plenty of Chicago royalty. Cuts from Traxman, DJ Earl, Manny, Rashad and DJ Clent throb alongside tracks from Teklife outlier DJ Paypal. But it’s her own tracks that yet again stand out, and there are plenty of those.


Jana Rush – ‘CPU’
EQ Why – ‘Count Me Out’
EQ Why – ‘Lose You’
DJ Earl – ‘The Switch’
Traxman – ‘Dat A Bitch’
DJ T-Rell – ‘Peer Pressure’
??? – ‘Outline’
Jana Rush – ‘My Life’
Traxman – ‘Comeback’
DJ Rashad – ‘Tech’
Jana Rush – ‘pH 2.0’
DJ Paypal – ‘Raave’
Jana Rush – ‘Chill Mode’
Traxman – ‘Jak Me’
DJ Earl – ‘Overdose’
Jana Rush – ‘Crusin’ on Lake Shore Dr.’
DJ Earl – ‘SRT798’
DJ Rashad/Spinn – ‘Get Away’
DJ Clent – ‘WOW’
DJ Manny – ‘Greenlight’
Jana Rush – ‘Work Dat Body’
Sonic D – ‘Bleep Buzz’
Sonic D – ‘Shut Yo Ass’
DJ 76 – ‘Hoes in this house’
??? – ‘Party 15’
DJ Manny – ‘Ass So Fat’
Boylan – ‘Why the Fuk’
??? – ‘Vol. 1’
DJ Manny – ‘Feel the Bass’
Jana Rush – ‘Watchout’
??? – ‘Magic Werkz’
Jana Rush – ‘Bassline’
EQ Why – ‘Santa Got Burned’
Traxman – ‘Sick Night’
Traxman – ‘Watch That Ho’
Jana Rush – ‘911’
DJ Rashad – ‘Burn Dat Kush’
DJ Rashad/Jana Rush – ‘Off Dat Nigga’
Sade – ‘Couldn’t Love U More’
Traxman – ‘Ur Computer is Infected’
DJ Fred/Traxman – ‘Z Remix’
Jana/Hank/Boylan – ‘Fuck Up Some Commas’
DJ Rashad – ‘Loud Pack’
Jana Rush/DJ Hank – ‘Sun Ra Rmx’
??? – ‘Let Me C U Rmx’
Traxman – ‘Ur Fukn Warned’
Boylan – ‘Move’
Slick Shoota/DJ Earl/Manny Teklife – ‘Untitled’

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