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FACT mix 625: Elena Colombi

NTS DJ Elena Colombi doses us with a viscous mixture of faded rhythms and anxious bleeps.

Born and raised in Italy, Elena Colombi relocated to London back in 2008 and began to make her mark on the city’s music scene, throwing parties and developing her genre-fluid DJ style.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Colombi is so open-minded with her selections: she was raised by nomadic, free-spirited parents whose global adventures formed the backbone of her musical outlook. “I recall often spending Christmas in places like India, Thailand or South America, rather than in my home country. Dub, reggae and world music were the soundtrack to those early years”, she told Red Light Radio earlier this year.

In 2017, Colombi is a respected DJ and hosts a popular radio show on London’s NTS; this summer alone she’s performed at a plethora of European festivals, and notched up shows in Tokyo, Seoul and Russia. “The mix was recorded late at night in one take at NTS,” she says to FACT. “A spontaneous session immediately after returning from my first gig in Japan and an incredible and intense month playing across Europe.”

This spontaneity is reflected in the mix’s fiery selections, ranging from squelching acid and messy industrial electronics to dusty, urgent post-punk and cavernous EBM. It’s unpredictable stuff that should have dedicated diggers furiously begging for track IDs and scrolling through Discogs in no time.

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