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FACT mix 631: Zola Jesus

A woozy blend of pitch-black psychedelic sounds from Zola Jesus.

Zola Jesus, aka Wisconsin-based singer, songwriter and producer Nika Roza Danilova kicked off her career back in 2009 when she released her debut album The Spoils. But it wasn’t until the release of Stridulum on Sacred Bones that the wider world began to catch on to her addictive fusion of goth-y dream pop and grinding industrial electronics.

This year, Danilova released her fifth album, Okovi, billed as her most personal to date. The title means “chains” in Slavic languages, and the album came after a year weighed down by depression and personal tragedy. “I needed to write these songs,” Danilova told Pitchfork earlier this year, “and I can’t say that about every song I’ve written.”

Danilova’s FACT mix explores many of the themes Okovi dips into so expertly, playing like a detailed list of inspirations. There’s the searing intensity of M.E.S.H.’s ‘Search. Reveal’, the slippery seduction of Jeremih’s ‘Remember Me’, Deradoorian’s soaring vocal bliss, Arthur Russell’s outsider perfection and so much more. It’s a diverse selection that highlights Danilova’s unceasing musical passion.

Okovi is out now on Sacred Bones.


Abner Jay – ‘My Baby’s Coming Back To Me’
Ivan Zoloto – ‘Salve’
M.E.S.H. – ‘Search. Reveal’
Folke Rabe – ‘Was’
PartyNextDoor – ‘Temptations’
Meredith Monk – ‘Ascent’
Death’s Dynamic Shroud – ‘Dream Argument’
Hiro Kone – ‘Rukhsana’
Jeremih – ‘Remember Me’
Stine Janvin Motland – ‘Condemnation Falls Through’
Stanislav Tolkachev – ‘There Is Almost No God’
Varg – ‘Gore-Tex’
Lustmord – ‘735’
Majical Cloudz – ‘Silver Car Crash’
Deradoorian – ‘Love Arise’
Attestupa – ‘Pesten’
Irma Thomas – ‘Wish Someone Would Care’
Soho Rezanejad – ‘Everyday’s Another Holiday’
Arthur Russell – ‘Our Last Night Together’
Black Sand Desert – ‘__Win’



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