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FACT mix 632: Priests

DC post-punks Priests go a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll in this week’s FACT mix.

Priests have one of the most vital voices in independent music, from the personal and political tone of their music to the essays and album reviews by frontwoman Katie Alice Greer, who opened a post-Women’s March op-ed this past January with, “Every single day is another opportunity to punch a neo-Nazi in the face.”

In fact, their early releases, a handful of cassettes and an EP called Bodies and Control and Money and Power, sound pretty much designed to galvanize listeners for the resistance both lyrically (see: ‘Doctor’) and in sound. This year, the group released their first full-length, the adventurous, paradigm-shifting Nothing Feels Natural which played with funk, post-punk, R&B, jazz and ’80s downtown NYC influences.

Their FACT mix is just as wide-ranging, featuring tracks from country innovator Bobbie Gentry, analog dub luminary Brenda Ray, “post-bro” dance creator Olivia Neutron-John, noise icons Magik Markers and, of course, Siouxsie & the Banshees. It’s the kind of mix your cool older sister or cousin gave you when you first discovered Green Day’s Dookie and they wanted you to know that there was even more out there for you.


Bobbie Gentry – ‘Mississippi Delta’
Lou Miami & The Kosmetix – ‘Women In A Western Bar’
Hothead – ‘Snake Song’
Magik Markers – ‘Axis Mundi’
The Go-Betweens – ‘8 Pictures’
Olivia Neutron-John – ‘Vulnerability’
Labelle – ‘Moonshadow’
Grass Widow – ‘Disappearing Industries’
Troglodykes – ‘Empowherment’
Slow Children – ‘Spring In Fialta’
Meltdown – ‘El Gato Blanco’
Brenda Ray – ‘D’Ya Hear Me?’
Le Sabotage – ‘Rabengasse’
LA Drugs – ‘High School’
Thomas Leer – ‘Private Plane’
Neon Barbs – ‘Special Friend’
Siouxsie & the Banshees – ‘Sin In My Heart’
Bongwater – ‘Talent Is A Vampire​’



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