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FACT mix 634: Minor Science

Loose-limbed techno from the Whities artist.

Angus Finlayson must be one of the few club artists working today influenced as much by cult Glasgow band The Blue Nile as classic DMZ-era dubstep. Since 2012, the DJ, producer and journalist has been making inventive club music as Minor Science, but also vocal covers and Scott Walker-inspired drone projects.

After making his debut proper on The Trilogy Tapes in 2014, Finlayson found a regular home on Nic Tasker’s Whities label in 2015, which has released three of his records so far as well as a cassette mix, Absent Friends. Last year’s brilliantly weird ‘Volumes’ – which combines a screwface bass drop and a playful vocal sample – was also one of FACT’s favorite techno tracks of 2017.

Though Finlayson’s mixes have been known to explore ambient and early electronic territory, his FACT session is a selection in the vein of his club sets, pitting sinewy synthwave from Charles Manier and vintage electro from Synapse alongside cuts from Peverelist, TSVI & Wallwork, Shawn Rudiman and Cristian Vogel.

“I read this amazing article in the LRB recently that got me thinking about octopuses,” Finlayson says of the mix. “Two-thirds of their neurons are in their arms, meaning each arm sort of has an agency of its own. I feel that way when DJing sometimes – parts of my collection with different rhythmic agendas are often trying to wriggle off in different directions. This mix tries to bring them into concert.”

Listen below, and catch Minor Science alongside Lone and Konx-om-Pax in London on January 13, at Berghain’s Säule venue on January 18 with Avalon Emerson and in Paris on January 26.


Phew – ‘In The Doghouse’ [Mesh-Key]
Geoffrey Landers – ‘Smooth Edges’ [Music From Memory]
The Horn – ‘Lady Subject No. 7’ [self-released]
Mor Elian – ‘Gamma Gulch’ [Radio Matrix]
Mystic Letter K – ‘Law of IO’ [H-Productions]
Factory Floor – ‘Relay’ (Charles Manier Remix) [DFA]
Synapse – ‘The Lower’ [Serotonin]
Boris Noiz – ‘Puls’ [Yellow Machines]
Jensen Interceptor feat. Assembler Code – ‘Lean Before the Interview’ [BNR Trax]
Pote – ‘Karma’ [Enchufada]
TSVI & Wallwork feat. Nico Lindsay – ‘Facts’ [Black Acre]
Sierra & TD_Nasty – ‘Bones’ [Gang Fatale]
Divoli S’vere – ‘Kiki’ [Qween Beat]
Kahuun – ‘Plenty Headroom’ [Ploink]
Shawn Rudiman – ‘Ruffcut’ [Matrix]
Klon Dump – ‘Specialist’ [A Colourful Storm]
TSVI – ‘12345678’ [Enklav]
Cristian Vogel – ‘Comes’ (2015 Remastered) [Sub Rosa]
Peverelist – ‘Still Early’ [Livity Sound]
Heiko Laux – ‘Consense (Part 2)’ [Kanzleramt]
E-Unity – ‘Unknown Graffito’ [Intramuros]

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