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FACT mix 637: Errorsmith

Errorsmith gives some context to last year’s Superlative Fatigue LP with a selection of rhythmic inspirations and more.

Since the mid-1990s, Erik Wiegand, aka Errorsmith, has been trimming the fat from club music, taking the best bits and discarding all the rest and illustrating the fact that minimalism doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless.

Last year’s Superlative Fatigue was one of the year’s finest club full-lengths (and FACT’s no.9 album of 2017), demonstrating Wiegand’s efficient, funky minimalism for an audience that may have missed his crucial run of 12″s with Fiedel in the ’90s and ’00s, or 2002’s bouncy, experimental Errorsmith #2 full-length.

In fact, contemporary listeners are more likely to have heard Wiegand’s more commercial work; his day-job used to be at Native Instruments, where he designed the acclaimed Razor synthesizer, a tool he uses frequently in his own productions.

“I wanted give some musical context to the Superlative Fatigue album,” Wiegand says of his genre-free, party-primed FACT mix. “Music that inspired me a lot, like dancehall, and music that I like at the moment that connects to my own music in one way or the other, or simply fitted in the mix nicely.”

Superlative Fatigue is out now via PAN.


Errorsmith – ‘My Party’ X ‘Mento Riddim’
SHYQA – ‘Hiding’ (Galtier Remix)
Sega Bodega – ‘Aliens’
Bigote – ‘Work Instrumental ‘
Sully – ‘Untitled 01’
Kelman Duran – ‘De La Manana’
Bigote – ‘Prah’
Errorsmith – ‘Retired Low-Level Internal Server’
‘Bitter Blood Riddim’
‘Sinus Riddim’
Antwood – ‘Sneakers’
DJ Q – ‘Air Raid’ (TRVP Mix)
Yehia El Tonsy – ‘El Hanka’
Rian Treanor – ‘Contra A2’
Normal Nada – ‘KAKARAK 1’
Fox Productions – ‘Gwada Riddim’
Central Records – ‘Money Call Riddim’
Raymond Scott – ‘Auto-Lite Wheels’
Peder Mannerfelt – ‘Mach 2’
Otim Alpha – ‘Anyomo label’ (Pailyec)
DJ Rashad – ‘Teknitian’
Kindohm – ‘Meme Booth’
DJ TAYE – ‘Bonfire’ (feat. DJ Paypal)
EQ Why – ‘Keep Crying’ (Gave You Love Remix)
Jana Rush – ‘CPU’
Errorsmith – ‘Quikz 2’
Nini Raviolette – ‘Suis-Je Normale’

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