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FACT mix 642: Mokira

Veteran Swedish producer Andreas Tilliander, aka Mokira, transports us to wintery climes with an icy mix of chilly sounds.

Almost 20 years ago, a young Swedish producer named Andreas Tilliander released two CDs of glitchy techno experiments on MP3.com’s own label. At the time, the site – which straddled the legal side of music sharing after beginning more nefariously – allowed artists to create CDs from music they’d shared on the platform and this was Tilliander’s inauspicious musical genesis.

Two decades later, Tilliander has built up an impressive, untethered catalogue. Initially producing jagged, idiosyncratic material for hallowed outlets such as Mille Plateaux and Raster Noton, Tilliander drifted through experimental forms into dub and minimal techno, recording under a variety of different monikers – Komp, Lowfour, Mokira, TM404 and more – and collaborating with a plethora of artists.

In recent years, Tilliander has cemented his style: a tape-saturated tribute to the Jamaican studio techniques that birthed dub reggae and the small silver boxes that set the tempo for acid house and Detroit techno, augmented with shoegaze’s melancholy fuzz. His latest full-length, Chill Out, is the most successful distillation yet, injecting a sometimes dry, academic collection of sounds with wit, humanity and restraint.

Tilliander’s FACT mix arrives just in time to allay the wintery weather; it’s a suite of moody ambience that’s warm enough to melt the icy heart of the most savage critic. With dense tracks from Gas and Tilliander himself alongside cuts from Human Mesh Dance, Dead Can Dance and Speedy J, the only thing it’s missing is milk and eggs.

Chill Out will be released on March 29 via Kontra-Musik.


Rune Lindblad – ‘Månens Död’
Spacelab – ‘When Time Means Nothing’
Acronym – ‘The Final Decision’
Gas – ‘Vapourware’
Knivtid – ‘Ett Sorts Slut’
Dead Can Dance – ‘Dawn of the Iconoclast’
Andreas Tilliander & Elin Franzén – ‘Japan’
Sabres of Paradise – ‘Smokebelch II (Beatless mix)’
Innerst Inne – ‘Stjärnor Visar Vägen Hem’
Speedy J – ‘Symmetry’
Ehrenborg – ‘Göingemetropolen’
Night Gestalt X TM404 – ‘Holy Patterns’
AOS – ‘Nyetableringen Av Malen’
Human Mesh Dance – ‘Thesecretnumbertwelve’
VC-118A – ‘Opaque’
Slope – ‘Planet H’
Mokira – ‘Uluuuu’



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