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FACT mix 646: Project Pablo

Canadian producer Project Pablo digs for dusty house gems on this soulful blend.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canadian producer Patrick Holland didn’t start out making the kind of blissed out, soulful house music he’s associated with now. He kicked off his career producing bassy, post-dubstep tracks in 2012 as 8prn when he was just 19, but quickly tired of the scene and became fascinated with house and disco.

By 2015, Holland had moved to Montréal and rebranded himself as Project Pablo, releasing his debut album I Want To Believe on Vancouver’s 1080p. And while it would be easy to lump this material in with the lo-fi house movement that was itself focused around Vancouver, Holland’s material has always been a little more soulful and, for want of a better word, serious.

Last year, Holland signed to Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour and released Hope You’re Well, which he follows this week with There’s Always More At The Store, another collection of sizzling, funky bangers primed for the summer. His FACT mix is expectedly jubilant, kicking off with smooth classical guitar before drifting into funk, boogie, disco, speed garage, vintage techno and house. It’s a crate digger’s dream and is provided without a tracklist, obviously.

There’s Always More At The Store is released on April 6 via Technicolour.

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