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FACT mix 649: Ziúr

Berlin-based DJ and producer Ziúr blends abstract textures, industrial drones and fractured rhythms.

Last year, Berlin’s Ziúr released U Feel Anything?, a breathtaking set of club reflections that took familiar tropes and set them against an uneasy sci-fi backdrop. Released on Planet Mu and Objects Ltd, the album offered a connection between the complexity of Planet Mu’s earlier output while charting a path to the future.

But before Ziúr had even considered producing her own music, she was already notorious for her skill as a selector. She was responsible for establishing BOO HOO, a night focused on divergent club sounds free from genre restrictions where you would be just as likely to hear Justin Bieber or Rihanna as you would to hear KILBOURNE or Air Max ’97.

Ziúr’s FACT mix is a challenging, innovative concoction, kicking off with Sote’s transportive ‘Flux Of Sorrow’ and drifting through tracks from PTP’s Saint Abdullah, Nordic black metal legends Immortal, Different Circles’ Chevel, industrial pioneers Einstürzende Neubauten and much more; there’s even an appearance from African American activist and author Angela Davis.


Sote – ‘Flux Of Sorrow’
Ghost Comedian – ‘The Low Bar’ (JD&Z)
Heeze – ‘开不了口’ (Deanvia Cover)
Exploited Body – ‘Hostility’
Saint Abdullah – ‘Children At War’
Angela Davis at Southbank Centre
Roberto De Simone – ‘Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie’
Oklou – ‘Friendless’
Kai Whiston – ‘I See It But I Don’t Believe It’
Technotronic – ‘Pump Up The Jam’
Ziúr – ???
Fantasy Girl – ‘轨迹’ (FantasyGirl1985 80′-00′ rework)
Russell Haswell – ‘First In Man’ (Williams Mix)
??? – ‘Tar’
Air Max ’97 – ‘Gousse’
Eartheater – ‘Inhale Baby’ (ft Odwalla1221)
Aaliyah Vs UVB – ‘We Need A Quiet Life’ (Sega Bodega Vs)
Klein – ‘Ballad’
DJ Raph – ‘Ikondera’
Chevel – ‘The Call’
Immortal – ‘Cursed Realms Of The Winterdemons’
Daniel Ruane – ‘Lapse Reflection’
Einstürzende Neubauten – ‘Trinklied’
J.G. Biberkopf – ‘Fountain Of Meaning’
STILL – ‘Haile Selassie Is The Micro-Chip’
Moses Sumney – ‘Doomed’

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