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FACT mix 652: Posthuman

An exhaustive four-hour acid megamix to cut through the indignity of existence.

Established by cousins Josh Doherty and Richard Bevan in the late ’90s, Posthuman just managed to catch the tail end of the IDM explosion. Thy released a slew of albums through the ’00s for labels like Seed, Skam and B12, exhausting the genre’s last remaining fuel before honing in on their dancefloor smarts and pre-empting a global acid resurgence.

In the late 2000s, Doherty kicked off the Balkan Vinyl imprint, a label dedicated to no-nonsense 303-led dance music that continues to release essential material from dance music legends like Altern-8’s Mark Archer, acid lunatic Luke Vibert, Marco Passarani, Plaid and more.

Posthuman FACT mix

Balkan Vinyl spawned a number of sublabels: I Love Acid, that presses acid bangers in editions of 303 copies that sell out instantly, angering keyboard warriors; Rave Wars, that offers messy throwback material on 7″s with Star Wars-influenced artwork; and Balkan Recordings, that operates as Balkan’s digital arm and has released full-lengths from Global Goon, Chevron and Posthuman.

On this ambitious four-hour FACT mix, Doherty rattles through some of his catalogue’s most essential moments, blending vinyl-only rarities with unreleased, forthcoming tracks and established club belters. There’s even a brand new track from Terry Farley’s T&K Crew. Need we say more?

Balkan Vinyl’s Balkan Allstars 12″ is out soon and the next I Love Acid 12″ is from Mark Forshaw. Make sure to hit the Balkan Vinyl Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any limited vinyl.


Chevron – ‘Hitman & Her’
Global Goon – ‘Destroy The Mirror’
Hrdvsion – ‘Yes, That Was What I Meant’
Acidulant – ‘Wheels Of Funk’
Andreas Gehm – ‘Heaven & Hell’
Neville Watson – ‘Trip City’ (Mark Forshaw Remix)
Acidulant – ‘Ladies & House Music’
Posthuman – ‘It’s A House Thing’
Posthuman – ‘Try Again’
Global Goon – ‘Craehzrhd’
Echaskech – ‘Hos To Fly’
Secondo – ‘Kvarner Bay’
Nightwave – ‘Anahata’
Etcher – ‘Slow Acid’
Posthuman – ‘Hoogland’
Han Do Jin – ‘Channel 85’
Myth! – ‘Technicolour’
Affie Yusuf – ‘Katsura’
Jared Wilson – ‘Deepend The Mystery’
Etcher – ‘Phonetics’
Snuff Crew – ‘Farewell’
Steven Simpson – ‘You Know’ [forthcoming]
Acidulant – ‘Boring Kingdom’
dyLAB – ‘Nice ‘n Sleazy’
Posthuman – ‘We Are The City’
Posthuman – ‘Saturnium Acid’ [forthcoming]
Posthuman – ‘You Belong (In Chicago)’
T&K Crew – ‘Memory Child’ (Acid Tool Mix) [forthcoming]
Posthuman – ‘Brand Loyalty’
Nehuen – ‘Explaining Jokes’
Nehuen – ‘Not For Me’
Warlock – ‘Dance And Be Heavy’
Posthuman – ‘Beat Down’
The Subdermic – ‘The Scrub 2’
Cardopusher – ‘Flexible’
Cardopusher – ‘2 Unreal’
DJ Pierre – ‘The Drive’
Bodyjack – ‘Siren Of The Nile’ [forthcoming]
Ben Sims – ‘Barrow Boy Acid’
Jerome Hill – ‘Consumed’
Mark Broom – ‘Connection’
LFO – ‘I Love Acid’
Nightwave – ‘Acid Mouse’
Matt Whitehead – ‘Ouroboros’ [forthcoming]
Ardisson – ‘The End’
Altern 8 – ‘Armageddon’ (The Hacker Remix)
Posthuman – ‘Bringing the News’
Granary 12 – ‘MancMania’
Granary 12 – ‘The Way We Do’ [forthcoming]
Luke Vibert – ‘StupH’
Mark Broom – ‘Yard Music’
Room 13 – ‘Room 13’
Shinra – ‘Isolate’
Hrdvsion – ‘Girl’
R.A.I.M. – ‘Stop And Modulate’
B12 – ‘Free Flight’ (Mark Archer Remix)
Radioactive Man – ‘Acid Fish’
Shinra – ‘Endgame’
Red Eyes – ‘Shinkansen Acid’ [forthcoming]
Shinra – ‘Maze’
Posthuman – ‘The Benz’
Kansas City Prophets – ‘Navigator’
Nightwave – ‘Air Spray’
Mark Forshaw – ‘Elexorcist’ [forthcoming]
Altern 8 – ‘Frequency’ (Luke Vibert Remix)
AGT Rave Cru – ‘You Snooze You Lose’
Ebola – ‘Witness The Firepower’ (Endor Free Party Mix)
Luke Vibert – ‘Jungle Hitler’

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