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FACT mix 654: Dis Fig

An ear-sluicing mix of crumbling noise, collapsing rhythms and sublime ambience.

Felicia Chen, aka Dis Fig, has been confusing and delighting dancefloors across the world for a few years at this point. Initially training as a jazz vocalist, the self-confessed “choir nerd” eventually found what she was looking for at the club, developing a passion for dance music that quickly went beyond usual genre boundaries.

Chen is best known for her series of creative blends: Kid Antoine x Trick Daddy, CYPHR x Miss Dynamite, Emptyset x Danny Brown and Nunu x Jodeci are just a few of the bootlegs she’s added to her SoundCloud stream. But more recently, Chen has been producing her own material, contributing ‘Rebirth’ to Support.FM’s recent compilation and penning a 13-minute partial score to Chinese performance artist Tianzhuo Chen’s ‘An Atypical Brain Damage’.

Dis Fig
Dis Fig in MontréalPhotography by: Ella Rinaldo

Dis Fig’s FACT mix is as confounding as you’d expect. Kicking off with low-key breaths and tones from Felicia Atkinson and Pauline Oliveros, the mix falls through Pharmakon’s transcendent noise, Via App’s dislocated techno, Regis’s pounding rework of The Black Dog’s ‘Broken Mind’, new material from metal vanguards The Body and sublime material from AGF and King Midas Sound and Fennesz. There’s even a truly haunting live version of ‘Professional Widow’ that Tori Amos performs on harmonium. Now that’s crate digging.

Excerpt From An Atypical Brain Damage is out now on PTP.


Pauline Oliveros – ‘Horse Sings From Cloud’
Felicia Atkinson – ‘Valis’
Scattered Purgatory – ‘Night Over The Fish Road’
9T Antiope – ‘Edax’
Nima Aghiani – ‘Oucyl’
Reeko – ‘Carne Y Demonio’
Clipping – ‘Interlude 01’ (Freestyle)
Via App – ‘f’
Pharmakon – ‘Body Betrays Itself’
Club Cacao – ‘hgs’
Diamanda Galas – ‘Les Litanies De Satan’
The Black Dog – ‘Broken Mind’ (Regis Remix)
The Body & Full of Hell – ‘Didn’t the Night End’
Pinch & Mumdance – ‘Strobe Light’
Ariadne – ‘fount of love’
King Vision Ultra – ‘Sleep Giant’
Portishead – ‘Over’
Dylan Carlson – ‘And Then the Crows Descended’
Luke Holland – ‘A-Side: Untitled’
Keru Not Ever – ‘Gloria Cut Down’
King Midas Sound & Fennesz – ‘On My Mind’
AGF – ‘GReeD’
Xin – ‘Sucker’
Saint Abdullah – ‘Friday Nights (Secret Song)’
Cienfuegos – ‘American Motels’
Tori Amos – ‘Professional Widow’ (live on harmonium)
Goldmund – ‘Moderate’
FARWARMTH – ‘Boundless Expansion’

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