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FACT mix 659: BD1982

Diskotopia’s Brian Durr, aka BD1982, assembles a wild concoction of wobbly bass, awkward noise and searing post-punk attitude.

In Tokyo back in 2011, American Brian Durr got together with British-born Matt Lyne to start a record label. Lyne had already been using the name Diskotopia for a handful of events in and around Osaka and Tokyo, so it stuck. By this time, Durr had already built up a reputation for his own productions; he’d released a handful of records on Starkey’s Philly dubstep imprint Seclusiasis, a sister-label to the well-known Slit Jockey imprint.

As BD1982, Durr was exploring the kind of post-dubstep landscape that was being mapped by imprints like Numbers, Hyperdub and Night Slugs; Visionist, Slackk and Rabit were snapped up by Diskotopia early on for releases. But Durr wasn’t easily pigeonholed – a slew of releases on Diskotopia revealed a wide variety of influences and as the label has developed, releasing work from ragga revivalists Seekersinternational and synth pop innovator Wally Badarou, it has defied easy categorization.

It shouldn’t be too surprising then that Durr’s latest album – April’s excellent Decades Tempest – is a dusty grab-bag of influences, fusing post-punk’s taut funk with the knowing electronic surrealism of Yellow Magic Orchestra and club music’s relentless pulse.

Durr’s FACT mix continues this thread as he weaves his own productions into a feast of gems from Art of Noise, Zazou Biyake, Atari Teenage Riot’s Carl Crack, Siouxsie and the Banshees and more.


L’Ultimo Arcano – ‘1984-1985’ (Strut)
NSRD & Ieva Akuratere – ‘Tango’ (Aproximate Art Agency)
Zazou Bikaye – ‘No Seceret’ (Crammed Discs)
Akabu – ‘Watch Yourself (Instrumental)’ (Tommy Boy)
Belinda Hoover – ‘I LIke That In You (Dub Version)’ (Let’s Dance)
BD1982 – ‘Sovereign Cities’ (Diskotopia)
La Fura Dels Baus – ‘Mareâ’ (Les Disques Bongo Joe)
namatamago – ‘studio’
Innsyter – ‘Global Boring’ (Contort Yourself)
八神純子 – ‘Communication (オリジナル・カラオケ)’ (Moon Records)
Body Four – ‘VII’ (Brunette Editions)
Art of Noise – ‘Who’s Afraid (Of the Art of Noise)’ (ZTT/Island Records)
Silvestre – ‘Everybody Is Happy) (forthcoming Diskotopia)
Messiah Complex – ‘Your Whole Style’ (forthcoming Diskotopia)
Mau’lin – ‘Tail Bone’ (Diskotopia)
Myakkah – ‘Eyes Down’ (Diskotopia)
A Taut Line – ‘Hyacinthoides’ (Diskotopia)
Wally Badarou – ‘The Daiquiri Diaries’ (Diskotopia)
BD1982 – ‘Snowblinded’ (forthcoming Diskotopia)
Shy One – ‘Other Side’ (Diskotopia)
BD1982 – ‘Bionic Marabou’ (Diskotopia)
Siouxsie and the Banshees – ‘Slap Dash Snap’ (Polydor)
BD1982 – ‘And U Kno’ (Diskotopia)
Carl Crack – ‘Darling’ (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
BD1982 – ‘Wind Rider’ (Diskotopia)
Ragga Preservation Society – ‘SoundTekOva’ (forthcoming Diskotopia)
Lives of Angels – ‘Threatened’ (Dark Entries)
Aemong – ‘Old Lady Sings’ (Diskotopia)
BD1982 – ‘Maglev’ (forthcoming Diskotopia)

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