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FACT mix 665: JASSS

Ragged DIY electronix, EBM and experimental techno from Spanish DJ and producer JASSS.

Silvia Jiménez Alvarez, aka JASSS, had already built up a solid reputation in Berlin before her debut album, last year’s excellent Weightless, had critics frothing at the mouth. There’s a damn good reason why she was featured in FACT’s 10 house and techno artists to watch in 2018 back in January.

Alvarez relocated to the German techno hub back in 2011 and, over the next few years, made a name for herself as an adventurous, unpredictable DJ, playing regularly at Mannequin Records parties and more recently at Berghain’s Säule.

This attitude is evident in her own productions, first on a handful of hard-edged 12″s for Mannequin and Anunnaki Cartel and later on Weightless. This slew of releases illustrates Alvarez’s unique ability to mesh her early experience playing in hardcore bands in Spain with her passion for DIY techno, EBM and industrial music, pushing at electronic music’s sterility and injecting a hit of raw energy.

Alvarez’s FACT mix is a further indicator of this rich patchwork of interests. Crunchy, bass-heavy electro rattles past fuzzy DIY techno and pneumatic Berlin club as noisy industrial clangs peal overhead, but the relentless pulse of the dancefloor is never ignored. Alvarez isn’t afraid of experimentation, but never allows her mixes to descend into complete abstraction. This is still dance music, after all.


01. ?? – ‘Reiche Mama Da Me Zheni’ (Mother wants me to get married)
02. Hide – ‘Close your eyes’
03. Ziúr – ‘Unknown’
04. AQXDM – ‘Requiem’
05. OSC 101 – ‘Future Bass’ (Control Mix)
06. Girl Unit – ‘Double Take’
07. Chris Moss Acid – ‘DnB’ (ALTBass Mix)
08. Ron Morelli – ‘Laugh Taker’
09. Norwell – ‘hyperbole’
10. Brenecki – ‘Nocturnal’
11. BMSK -‘Revma’
12. Dax J – ‘Mustapha Mond’
13. Overloper – ‘Aposynthesis (Need more Sisa)’
14. ATIX – ‘Street Fighter’
15. DRVG CVLTVRE – ‘Dead Stock’
16. Galateé – ‘Sanse Titre’
17. DJ Swagger & DJ Aedidas – ‘Yomama’
18. Detroits Filthiest – ‘Resistance is Futile’
19. Geins´t Nait & L. Petitgand – ‘Ciseaux Daddy’
20. No Spiritual Surrender – ‘XXX’
21. Cassius Select / Cartoon
22. Joe Farr – ‘Spectate’ (Max Cooper Remix)
23. Carl Finlow – ‘Romboid assassin lone romantic’
24. Vertical 67 – ‘Dry Land’

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