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FACT mix 676: X-Altera

Tadd Mullinix, aka Dabrye, taps into rave’s complex history for a nostalgic X-Altera mix.

He might be best known for his influential angular hip-hop productions as Dabrye or his techno tracks under the JTC (previously James T. Cotton) moniker, but Tadd Mullinix has been experimenting with rave’s swatchbook of vivid colors since the late 1990s.

Mullinix started off making music with rudimentary tracker software, throwing together tracks with Todd Osborne, aka Soundmurderer, who ran the Dubplate Pressure record store in Michigan, where Mullinix worked. The two initially recorded as TNT (Todd ‘N Tadd) before settling on the Soundmurderer and SK1 moniker.

This year, Mullinix looked back to the rave era once more, blending jungle, bleep and Detroit sounds on his debut self-titled album as X-Altera. His FACT mix dips into his wide range of influences for the project, from Detroit legends Jeff Mills, Model 500 and Octave one to Manchester jungle innovator A Guy Called Gerald and German IDM mischief-makers Mouse On Mars.

X-Altera is out now on Ghostly International.


Air Liquide – ‘Sun Progress’
Jeff Mills – ‘Childhood’ (Maria’s mix)
Octave One – ‘I Believe’ (featuring Lina Newberry)
Richard Pinhas – ‘A Piece For Duncan’
Alpha Omega – ‘9th Level’
M5 – ‘Astral Ancestors’
The Advent – ‘There’s No Danger’
Model 500 – ‘Tipsy’
A Guy Called Gerald – ‘Kicking Da Jungle Beat’
X-Altera – ‘Impossible’
Link – ‘Amazon Amenity’ (Chameleon Remix)
Mouse On Mars – ‘Omnibuzz’
Project A-KO – ‘Surgically Removed’
Nancy Fortune – ‘Le Pire des Dieux’ (X-Altera rmx)
Legion of Green Men – ‘External Opuscule #55’

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