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FACT mix 678: Eartheater

The avant-pop songwriter delivers a Swan Lake-inspired mix.

We’ve adored Alexandra Drewchin’s output as Eartheater for years. Her releases on Hausu Mountain not only acted as perfect landing pads for anyone looking to dive into the Chicago psych imprint but also for having your mind stretched by the possibilities of songwriting.

Fortune favors the bold, as they say, and this year, Drewchin released IRISIRI, her first LP as a member of the PAN roster. The album’s led single ‘C.L.I.T.’, which the artist says is an acronym for “Curiosity Liberates Infinite Truth,” an apt mantra for her exploratory vision. For her FACT mix, Drewchin laces together collaborations with Iceboy Violet, Swan Meat and others for a Swan Lake-inspired piece. Anyone who’s seen her live knows she has a deft sense of movement, so having a ballet as a touchstone should come as no surprise on a mix that is, of course, full of them.

Eartheater – ‘Swan Lake’
Eartheater – ‘Not At All’
Iceboy Violet – ‘ShadowCreepin’
Iceboy Violet Feat. Eartheater – ??
Iceboy Violet – ‘Vanity’
Eartheater – ‘Swan Lake II’
Eartheater – ‘Water off a Wax Wing’
Eartheater – ‘Swan Lake’
Swan Meat Feat. Eartheater – ‘Brave’
Eartheater – ‘Swan Lake’
Eartheater for Tony Oursler – ‘Tears of the Cloud’
Acemo & Eartheater – ‘Tranquility’
Eartheater – ‘Swan Lake’
Eartheater performed by Alarm Will Sound – ‘Iridescence of the Char’

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