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FACT mix 689: Edge Slayer

New Orleans party-starter Edge Slayer melts a fizzy cocktail of influences into pummeling, bass-heavy club destruction.

Growing up in St. Louis in the US Midwest, Edge Slayer felt a magnetic pull towards Louisiana, where her family originates from. After experiencing New Orleans’ experimental music world, joining a queer choir and diving headfirst into the queer warehouse party scene, she soon realized the city needed events expressly for, and created by, black women.

The result was Séancé, a queer black party for “witchy weirdos” that centers black women, hiring people of color to curate and perform at the events and channeling any proceeds back into the community. This position was highlighted further on ‘NO SAFE SPACE’, a stand-out track from last fall’s Edge Slayer EP, released on Objects Limited.

Edge Slayer’s FACT mix is a bass-heavy celebration of New Orleans club culture, with her own productions linking together off-kilter pop euphoria from FACT-faves Abra and Thierra Whack and unexpected Bollywood and Hindi classical snippets. It’s a vivid portrait of a vibrant US sound that rarely gets the credit it deserves.


Edge Slayer – ‘Frivalous’
Kelela – ‘Better’ (Edge Slayer Vogue Edit)
Edge Slayer – ‘Boom N Gloom’
TS Madison – ‘Shots Fired’
Edge Slayer – ‘Airy Harpy’
Edge Slayer – ‘Girl, Put on the Beats’
Nicki Minaj – ‘LLC’
Ariana Grande – ‘No Tears Left to Cry’
Thoda Resham – ‘Lagta Hai’
Abra – ‘Roses’
Nina Burmi – ‘Thumri’
Thierra Whack – ‘Hungry Hippo’
Shardaysa – ‘Gimme My Gots’
Edge Slayer – ‘Watery Wounds’

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