Stomping grooves and off-kilter loops from the Ghostly International co-founder.

Matthew Dear is a huge fan of Against The Clock, so much so that when we asked the Ghostly International and Spectral Sound co-founder to pick his favourite episode, he told us it would be “unfair” to pick just one.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Dear had something special prepared for his own session. Using a variety of effects pedals, a white Gretsch Penguin guitar called ‘Lucy’ (short for ‘Lucifer’), an “alternate reality flux capacitor” and his own unmistakably sultry vocals, Dear was able to create a stomping groove in just 10 minutes.

Last year, Matthew Dear returned to Ghostly International for his first album in six years. Bunny, which features two collaborations with Tegan and Sara, is out now.

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