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FACT mix 694: Morgiana Hz

Globe-trotting DJ and producer Morgiana Hz dissolves sound, philosophy and culture on this bass-heavy collision of influences.

Born in Poland, Karolina Karnacewicz has long used music as a tool to make sense of the wider world. As a teenager, Karnacewicz started a punk band – Post-Spirit – before moving to Poznań and shifting hir focus to dance music. Before long, ze was performing fast, bass-heavy electronics, using the sounds and community to help shine highlight rampant industry inequality.

But after years of therapy and soul-searching, Karnacewicz realized something was missing. Using the moniker Morgiana Hz, a reference to Juraj Hertz’s movie of the same name, ze found a way to fold together all hir influences: bass, rhythm, noise, vocal experimentation, field recording and more.

Since then, Karnacewicz has been working in both music and activism, exploring the connections between hir interests and working to achieve more visibility and equality. “I want to act for the sake of woman because people take me as one,” ze explained to Subtermag last year. “But since I can remember I had problems with finding a relationship between the biological markers of femininity and I. I was kind of raised as non-gender being.”

Karnacewicz’s view on gender and sexuality is crucial to hir music and its diversity and fluidity. Last year, Karnacewicz performed at Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival and spent almost a month working with East African producers in Kampala. The result was a lasting collaboration with Kenyan producer and DJ Slikback; their duo is called ogniki and blends free-form structures with rhythmic and bass intensity.

Hir FACT mix explores all these themes and more, blending abstraction – Arca, Cindytalk – with the full-on hedonism of Gabber Modus Operandi, club slither of Sudanim and rapid headrush of Bamba Pana. It’s not like any other mix you’re likely to hear this year, that’s for sure.


Cindytalk x Morgiana Hz – collaboration for „Bueno Víbro” radio show broadcasted by Berlin Community Radio as a part of Morgiana’s Incubator residency
Morgiana Hz – ‘Fýbrís Amplicon’
MUKA – ‘Zapomnielismy Tytulu Utworu (Ehh Hahah remix)
Arca – ‘Manners’
Hexorcismos x Morgiana Hz – an excerpt from live improvisation (machines + plants + crystals + AI)
Bust x Follow Mute – ‘Santa Muerte remix’
MC Yallah (prod. Debmaster) – ‘Ndi mukazi’
Gabber Modus Operandi – ‘Dosa Besar’
Renick Bell – ‘Origin of All Phenomena’
Hyph11e – ‘Enter Nowhere’
Clap! Clap! – ‘Black Smokes, Bad Signs’
Ecko Bazz feat. Biga Yut – ‘Tuli Banyo’ (prod. PQ, Ekhe rave remix)
IUY – ‘Ruindrum’
煮凝りヶ沼 – ‘Nikogoriganuma’
Sudanim – ‘Abondance’
Swordman – ‘Cardi Black’ (prod. Slikback)
TSVI & Luru – ‘Egyptian Sensation’
HDMIRROR – ‘Spike’
Slikback – ‘Rage’
MUTWAWA – ‘Lamashtu Pazuzu Overdose’
oxhy – ‘The coming elation’
Osheyack – ‘Parataxon’ (Via App Remix)
ogniki – ‘Organic Sexuality’
Bamba Pana – ‘Kusini’ (Slikback remix)
Nettle – ‘Duende’ (DJ Scud’s In Chains remix)

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