An exclusive instrument for Engineer Pass holders.

Last weekend’s Moogfest saw the introduction of Moog’s latest ultra-limited synth, the Spectravox.

Moog’s Spectravox is the latest in a line of Moogfest exclusives offered to holders of its $1,500 Engineer Pass, which gives select attendees the chance to build and take home their own limited Moog synth. Other synths offered over the past few years include the DFAM drum synth and last year’s Subharmonicon.

Inspired by Homer Dudley’s speech synthesis developments in the 1930s, the Spectravox is a vocoder and spectral modulator in the same 84HP format as Moog’s other Eurorack synths. According to Moog, the all-analog instrument is built around a 10-band spectral analysis and synthesis section with “new twists” that make it “a deep resource for exploring and creating unique electronic timbres”.

Although there are no official plans to give the Spectravox an official release, Moog has been known to put previous Moogfest exclusives into general production. Last year the DFAM – which was Moogfest 2017’s DIY synth – got a full release.

Watch the Spectravox in action via Loopop below.

Last week, Moog introduced its latest semi-modular synth, Matriarch.

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