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FACT mix 706: Juliana Huxtable

Artist, writer, DJ and performer Juliana Huxtable fuses harmony and dissonance on this astonishing FACT mix.

Juliana Huxtable is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Sure, she might be one of the world’s most exceptional living DJs, but that isn’t even scratching the surface of her career to this point.

Surprisingly, Huxtable abandoned art when she was studying at college, focusing instead on gender studies and human rights. “I came back to music, art, and writing intuitively after graduating and working a job that had nothing to do with those things,” she told i-D in 2017. “So I feel a freedom to express things in the form that’s most immediate to the ideas.”

This freedom has meant that Huxtable has been able to express herself in a variety of different ways without being chained to one medium or another: through her visual art, acclaimed writing (her book of poems, essays and scripts Mucus in My Pineal Gland is an essential tome), activism and of course, her music. But all of her art echoes the same crucial themes, exploring gender, race, sexuality, culture and the body itself.

Musically, Huxtable has collaborated with New York’s Le1f, Fatima Al Qadiri & Hito Steyerl, remixed Björk, run her own club night in New York, SHOCK VALUE, and managed to keep up a consistent level of touring that’s seen her perform in some of the world’s most exciting spaces, from Shanghai in China to Jinja in Uganda.

For her FACT mix, Huxtable shows exactly why she’s so in demand right now, blending vintage electronic drones and tones with rumbling club rhythms, industrial noise, gut-churning bass and stark vocals. It’s a mix that manages to achieve fusion without erasure, fluidity without dilution and euphoria without avoidance. As the world crumbles, Juliana Huxtable has a fresh narrative, one that inspires hope. We could all do with some of that in 2019.


Pauline Oliveros – ‘Reason in Madness Mixed’
Kelvin T – ‘Tweet’
J. G. Biberkopf – ‘Immersion into Noise’
Shygirl – ‘Rude’
Wwinggs ft. IMAABS and Lao – ‘Pyro’
Nine Circles – ‘Twinkling Stars’
Kablam – ‘Choking’
Iydes – ‘Skin’
Unknown – ‘Iff Than Chec (CD Version)’
Estoc – ‘Angel in Isolation’
Pinion – ‘Grid’ (Deapmash Remix)
Stephan Strube – ‘Boxer’ (Mario Raineri Remix)
Ipman – ‘Gravity Dub’
Gangsta Boo – ‘Buss It’
Mistress – ‘Orphyx x Formation Boyz’
Pinion – ‘Sifting’
Æthereal Arthropod – ‘Polymorphic Ophioderma’
Aphex Twin – ‘4x Atlantis Take1’
Lorenzo Senni – ‘Elegant, and Never Tiring’
Venus X – ‘Golden Bucky Girl’ (False Witness Edit)
False Witness – ‘Trust’
Flyleaf – ‘All Around Me’
Luc Ferrari – ‘Visage V (1958-59)
Bea Go – ‘Be My Escape (Reliant K Cover)’
Giusto Pio – ‘Ananta’
MHYSA – ‘Diamond’ (Lovely Freestyle)
Terry Riley – ‘Happy Ending’
CID RIM – ‘Extend Ranges’
Soft Moon – ‘Say We’re Gonna Do It’
W3C – ‘Prometheus’
Charli XCX – ‘Focus’
Gran – ‘T4G’
Floorkiller Project – ‘Fallen’
Kilbourne – ‘Bleached Whale’
Ammar 808 – ‘Essoug Rsam’ (ft. Cheb Hassen Tej)
Drippin – ‘Beat it out the Frame’
Iceboi – ‘Bullet Anthem (Drum Edit)’
DJ Nigga Fox – ‘Weed’
Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newley – ‘I Decoded You (Moogies Bloogies, Pt.2)’

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