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FACT mix 712: Doc Sleep

A sideways trip through house and techno from the Room 4 Resistance resident and Jacktone Records co-founder.

Doc Sleep’s first experience of dance music was in the late ’90s, at a queer party held in the back room of a bowling alley in Fargo, North Dakota, where she heard tracks by Armand Van Helden and Depeche Mode side by side. Soon after, she and her friends discovered rave culture via an off-the-grid party held at a local barn, and her life was further transformed by trips to Minnesota record stores where she discovered the Global Underground series and early DJ-Kicks mixes.

While Doc Sleep has since relocated to Berlin following a stint in San Francisco, the sense of community that characterized her formative years has stuck with her, both as co-founder of Jacktone Records – which provides a vital platform for a host of under-the-radar producers from the Bay Area and beyond  – and as a resident at Berlin’s queer femme and non-binary party, Room 4 Resistance.

2018 was a breakthrough year for Jacktone, which Doc Sleep founded alongside Darren Cutlip in 2013. Its diverse catalog – which encompasses IDM, slamming techno, euphoric house and ambient music – feels very much like a callback to the US rave culture she absorbed in her formative years. At the start of 2019, her own music stepped up a gear, with last month’s Dark Entries-released ‘Crème Fraîche’ providing one of the year’s loopy techno delights.

Doc Sleep’s FACT mix is, in her words, a trip from the “psychedelic and oddball (hat tip to my time in the Bay Area) to the jackin’ and euphoric (hat tip to my time in the Midwest) – but as always I try to come at it a bit sideways”.

“Dance music produced in 2019 is incredibly refreshing and feels like the genre gates have been kicked wide open,” she continues. “I wanted to weave together this fresh music my friends are making and also honor the various projects and communities I’m part of that inspire me daily.”


CCL x Flora FM – ‘Winding Plod’ [Bandcloud]
Fashion Flesh – ‘Dish Soap Duck’ [Unreleased]
Alex Falk – ?? [Unreleased]
Roche – ‘Internal Forest Bathing’ [Jacktone]
Michael Claus – ‘Walking By’ [Jacktone]
Marcus Intalex – ‘TB or Not TB?’ [Soul:r]
W3C & Multilux – ‘Oodenz’ [Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux]
Neil Landstrumm – ‘Has Anyone Seen Raz?’ [Sneaker Social Club]
Simulant – ‘Access Future Audio’ [Tresor]
Chelsea Grin – ‘This Is Your Life…Man, Part 1’ [Primate]
Photonz – ‘Angel Heart’ [Naive]
Population One – ‘Temporary Insanity’ [Out Electronics]
Vin Sol, Matrixxman, Nick Hook – ‘666 Wayz’ [Classicworks]
Taso & Siete Catorce – ‘2 for $20’ [N.A.A.F.I.]
StabUdown – ‘Dread Yolk’ [StabUdown Recordings]
Davis Galvin – ‘Return from the Sky’ [Vanity Press]
Mnemonic Deejay – ‘Control Mission’ (Marauder Mix) [hueymnemonic.bandcamp.com]
DJ Haus – ‘See U in My Dreams’ [UTTU]
Loop LF – ‘Drive 22’ [Well Street Records]
Humanoid – ‘Deep Rooted’ (King Roc Mix) [The Future Sound of London]
Deena Abdelwahed – ‘Tawa’ (Clip Remix) [InFiné]

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