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FACT mix 732: Mechatok

Berlin-based avant pop minimalist Mechatok turns in a club-focused mix that blends James Ferraro, Barker, MJ Cole and more.

When he was just 18 years old, Timur Tokdemir began to question his direction in life. Until that point, he’d been on track to head to the concert hall playing classical guitar, but a life living on the outskirts of Munich exploring club culture led him down a different path.

Instead of heading to music school, Tokdemir relocated to Berlin, forming alliances with the Staycore collective and Bala Club and collaborating with Palmistry, Uli K and Yung Lean. Soon, he’d amassed a catalogue of of euphoric, minimal pop nuggets before he was even 21.

Tokdemir’s unique style materialized in earnest on 2018’s stark All My Time, released on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? imprint to wide acclaim. With brightly colored synths and only a whisper of percussion, it advanced Senni’s template and pushed it into further corners of the globe, touching on reggaeton and other global pop sounds.

For his FACT mix, Tokdemir wanted to do something a bit different. “I tried to face the challenge to make a solid one hour club mix for once,” he says. And he’s truly risen to the occasion, finding a way to make Nkisi, Mr. Oizo, Barker, James Ferraro and Buttechno slot together in blissful harmony.


Mechatok – ‘Untitled I’
Mutsumi – ‘Breastmilk’
Nkisi – ‘Stomp’
Firaasbeats & Mechatok – ‘Untitled’
Mr. Oizo – ‘Krumpf’
Emiranda – ‘Not Amazing’
MJ Cole – ‘Flava Fever’
Errorsmith – ‘Free For All’
Unknown – ‘Musume Dojoji’ (Devil Mix)
Buttechno – ‘pkds’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
Barker – ‘Paradise Engineering’
James Ferraro – ‘Suki Girlz 12’
Young P – ‘1806 Digiloop’
Errorsmith – ‘No Ice’
Toxe – ‘Maybe Tomorrow’
Buttechno – ‘Rokton’
Siriusmo – ‘Gummiband’
Oli XL – ‘Hesitate’
Hiroshi Ohkubo – ‘Party’s Over’
Shinichi Atobe – ‘World 3’
Mechatok – ‘Crushed Berries’
Beta Librae – ‘Ephemeral’
Oli XL – ‘Flower Circuit’
Mechatok – ‘Untitled II’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
DJ Python – ‘Angel’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
Mechatok – ‘Untitled III’

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