Mixes I by I 11.11.19

FACT mix 736: Baby Blue

Whimsical electronics, white-knuckle techno, euphoric trance and more from Vancouver’s Baby Blue.

Hailing from Vancouver, Baby Blue is a producer, visual artist and DJ and has been organizing in her city for some time as co-founder of the influential s.M.i.L.e. collective. She initially experimented with noisy ambient compositions under the Tenderness moniker, before juxtaposing soundscapes with pummeling beats on 2016’s Void Gate cassette, released on the PTP imprint.

That year, Baby Blue also pieced together a crunchy, club-ready edit of Madonna’s ‘Music’, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of blends. “I used a broken laptop and in my DAW, I couldn’t even press play to hear the final composition without my computer crashing,” she explained to TANK Magazine this year. “More recently, I’ve been able to explore a more melodic realm that I am very intrigued by.”

In 2018, she released a collection of bizarre and brilliant edits, The Flower of Battle, that blended Thomas Bangalter and M.E.S.H, t.A.T.u. and City, Kaskade and Jade Statues and much more. This year, Baby Blue not only released her debut album proper – Death of Euphoria on the always-reliable Ascetic House label – but a second volume of essential edits, The Flower of Battle 2.

Baby Blue’s FACT mix is an entry point into the vibrant world of Vancouver’s self-styled “Queen of Techno”, featuring sizzling cuts from Fennesz and David Sylvian, the melancholy beauty of Sasha’s timeless ‘Xpander’, industrial techno mayhem from Perc, Luke Slater and Der Kindestod, cheeky filtered funk from Thomas Bangalter and so much more. This is dancefloor expression without borders – a no-holds barred party that kicks expectations to the curb.


Fennesz – ‘Transit’
Ryuichi Sakamoto – ‘The End of Europe’
Slut Peddlers – ‘The Gimp’
Manu Kenton – ‘Miss Disco’
Schacke – ‘Make Them Remember’
Mauro Picotto – ‘Baguette’
Sasha – ‘Xpander’
Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson – ‘At The Post’
Diego – ‘Me Fragments’
Marco Carola – ‘Plastatik’
Bigod 20 – ‘Body2body’
Moby – ‘Thousand’ (Perc Remix)
Rok – ‘Blue Flame’
Luke Slater – ‘Body Freefall, Electronic Inform’ (Slater’s Needle Damage Mix)
Myths – ‘Humankind Existence’ (Henze Remix)
Kaito – ‘Air Rider’
Thomas Bangalter – ‘Rectum’
Der Kindestod – ‘OYFM’
Jeff Mills – ‘The Hacker’
Audio Track 03
Gardel – ‘Nayl’
Atari Teenage Riot – ‘Midi Junkies’ (Berlin Mix)
Mike Ink & Walker – ‘Church Of The Poison Mind’
Umek – ‘Gatex’ (Oliver Lieb Remix)
Requirements To Eternal Life – ‘f’
Tomas P. Heckmann – ‘EBM 2’
Andreas Kauffelt – ‘Noisechamber’
Donato Dozzy – ‘Parola feat. Anna Caragnano’
1800HaightStreet – ‘??? 150’
BC – ‘Stronghold’
Reeko – ‘Crop Circle 1’
Baby Blue – ‘Collapsed’ (7038634357’s M718 Remix)
Grauzone – ‘Eisbär’
Baby Blue + Dviance – ‘???’
David Sylvian – ‘For The Love Of Life’

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