Wasp Deluxe is coming soon.

Behringer has officially unveiled the latest in its increasingly long line of synth clones: a $299 version of EDP’s 1978 instrument, the Wasp.

Behringer’s Wasp Deluxe is described as a “faithful reproduction” of the ’70s original, which was one of the first commercial synths to use digital technology. The synth – designed by UK engineer Chris Huggett – was used by artists like Vince Clarke and 808 State.

While Behringer’s remake can fit into Eurorack cases, it doesn’t include CV or gate controls for using it with other analog gear. Another key difference is the addition of MIDI, which didn’t feature on the original.

Behringer’s Wasp Deluxe is available to pre-order now for $299. Earlier this month the company launched its own budget version of Roland’s TB-303.

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