AIAIAI expands its line of modular headphones.

Danish headphone brand AIAIAI has added a high-definition option to its TMA-2 modular line, TMA-2 HD, available in both wired and wireless versions.

The new S05 speaker units are the key ‘HD’ part of the new headphones. According to AIAIAI, they contain a diaphragm grown from bio-cellulose, which the company says it “stiffer, lighter and stronger than regular PET speaker units”, which should mean less distortion through vibration than standard speakers.

Another new component of the TMA-2 HD is the E08 earpad, which is covered in Alcantra, a material that AIAIAI says offers “an unrivalled combination of sensory aesthetic and functional qualities”. In other words, they should provide better isolation and comfort.

The headphones also come with the C15 hi-fi cable, which AIAIAI has designed to be more durable and to provide reduced magnetic and radio frequency interference.

While the wired version comes with the standard H04 headband, the wireless version ships with the H05 Bluetooth headband. This is the same headband boxed with AIAIAI’s first wireless headphones from 2017, which feature the 24-bit aptHD codec –  supposedly ‘better than CD’ quality.

As you might expect from a set of what are clearly intended to be ‘audiophile’ headphones, the TMA-2 HD has a higher price tag than the rest of the range – the wired version is $295, while the wireless edition is $350. Both are available now from the AIAIAI website.

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