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FACT mix 741: Jasmine Infiniti

Techno sorceress Jasmine Infiniti infuses neck-snapping beats with rare magic on this high-energy portrait of NYC’s vibrant scene.

Growing up in the Bronx, Jasmine Infiniti was surrounded by music of all kinds, from gospel music to rap and R&B, but developed a taste for electronic music at school.

“I remember seeing The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, I was obsessed with it,” she told Earmilk in 2018. “I’ve also always been a huge fan of industrial, techno, dark and grimy house, anything that just sounded gritty and dark.”

This passion for grimy dance music, fused with a knowledge of pop, hip-hop and “crazy queer music” shuttled Jasmine into a world punctuated by parties like GHE20G0TH1K and Whorehouse. When she moved to Oakland, California, becoming mother of the Bay Area chapter of the legendary House of Infiniti, she also started her career as a DJ and producer.

Jasmine founded the New World Dysorder collective, who regularly organize events in NYC and Oakland, and joined forces with FACT favorites Club Chai, performing regularly at the collective’s events and releasing her debut EP SiS in 2018. Since then, she’s been touring the world, performing at international events such as ADE and Unsound, and playing NYC staples such as Juliana Huxtable’s Shock Value, Holy Mountain and Unter.

Her FACT mix is a bite-sized snippet of the kind of breathless energy you can expect from a Jasmine Infiniti DJ set. In just over an hour, she drags us thought Jersey club, ballroom, industrial techno and hardcore, infusing breakbeat elements, bassline and garage and anything else that might spice up the blend. It’s irreverent and queer – a reminder of just how vibrant New York’s techno scene is right now, and the perfect way to start your 2020 off right.


DJ Technics Feat. Ms Peaches (UNiiQU3 Remix) – ‘This Pussy Will Drive You Crazy’
Schwefelgelb – ‘Fokus’
Machine Girl – ‘Ginger Claps’
Spice – ‘Needle Eye’
DJ Haram – ‘No Idol’
Jasmine Infiniti – ‘Dark Crystal’
Subjoi – ‘The Way I Feel’
dav0makesbeats – ‘Bodies of Water’ (Bored Lord Remix)
Temudo – ‘Agosto’
DisX3 – ‘Stigma’
VTSS – ‘Sensor 150’
DJ Satronica – ‘Life Blood Pain Death’ (Tymon Remix)
Principleasure – ‘Flux Jab’
Doubtingthomas – ‘Puffed Dandy’
Massacooramaan – ‘Xeviousness’
Sir Joq, TT The Artist, dav0makesbeats – ‘Kitty Klap’
Tymon – ‘Sledgehammer’
Dark Quadrant – ‘Vortex Fields’
Bjarki, Kuldaboli – ‘Hrai Hotturinn’ (Original Mix)
Cadency – ‘Eating Steel’ (Original Mix)
Tommy Four Seven – ‘2084’
JoeFarr – ‘Deftoca’ (TWR72 Remix)
ikul-a – ‘Puzzle03’ (Original Mix)
Om Unit – ‘Dreadcoms’
Jasmine Infiniti – ‘Warfare’
Jasmine Infiniti – ‘511’
Dax J – ‘Harry the Hatchet’
Unknown – ‘I Hate The DJ’
Ectomorph – ‘Malfunction’
Jasmine Infiniti – ‘Laundry Day’
Estoc x Kilbourne – ‘Burning Flag’
Bleid – ‘Not That Hard’
Swisha – ‘Don’t Talk 2 Me Or My Drum Machine Ever Again’

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