Check out the hypnotic visual accompaniment to album track ‘Flossensäume’.

German producer Bastian Epple, aka MinaeMinae, works a day job in the film industry, editing films, TV shows and documentaries. For his debut on Marionette, he brings these same montage techniques to his melodic and colourful electronic compositions.

Gestrüpp is primarily made up of analog synthesis and samples of drums, congas, djembes and occasionally guitar, often run through modular and DIY tape echo and delay. The result is hypnotic melange of psychedelic trance and experimental, arrhythmic percussion.

For album track ‘Flossensäume’, MinaeMinae and Marionette have released a mesmerising video, courtesy of Heidi Grandy.

Gestrüpp is out now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.



01. ‘Flossensäume’
02. ‘Luftschöpfen’
03. ‘Vertilger’
04. ‘Nackenwirbel’
05. ‘Urmünder’
06. ‘Flügelhüllen’
07. ‘Algenüberzug’

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