A research project into utopian musical traditions using experimental instruments and metal sound sculptures.

Phillip Sollmann, perhaps better known as Efdemin, continues his exploration of utopian musical traditions that began with 2019’s New Atlantic with a new project.

Monophonie brings together the experimental instruments used in the sonic research of 19th century German physician Hermann von Helmholtz, the microtonal instruments of Harry Partch and the metal sound sculptures of Harry Bertoia into a project that weaves together different strands of “utopian” music.

First performed at Berlin’s Volksbühne theatre in 2017 by Ensemble Musikfabrik and Sollmann himself (playing von Helmholtz’s original double siren instrument) Monophonie stretches across nine tracks of kosmische, polyrhythms and acoustic techno.

Monophonie arrives on May 15 on A-TON and is available to pre-order now.

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