A “speaker orchestra” designed by composer François Bayle for the presentation of electroacoustic music.

Back in 1996 an Italian priest, Giulio Greco, invited New York artist Dan Flavin to create an installation to mark the renovation of the Santa Maria Annunciata in Chiesa Rossa church in Milan. The result was ‘Untitled’, a light installation completed with the help of Fondazione Prada.

This is the setting that Threes, the minds behind the experimental eco-extravaganza Terraforma festival, chose to stage their latest site-specific concert at Chiesa Rossa. Following performances by Charlemagne Palestine and William Basinski over the past few years, the church hosted a spatialised interpretation of Tabula Rasa by Arvo Pärt on the Acusmonium AUDIOR, a bespoke spatial sound projection system.

The Acusmonium was originally designed by French composer François Bayle in 1974 as a “speaker orchestra” for the presentation of electroacoustic composition. Threes brought the Acusmonium AUDIOR, a bespoke sound system designed and built in Italy by Eraldo Bocca in 2012 to the permanent installation for a special concert showcasing it’s spatial sound projection capabilities. Check out some photos from the concert below.

Directed by Pietro Coppolecchia
Cinematography by Tommaso Tagliaferri
Produced by Achille Mauri
Soundtrack by Antanas Jasenka – ‘prognostic@act’. 

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