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FACT mix 760: Zoë Mc Pherson

A bracing set of adventurous club music and experimental sounds.

Zoë Mc Pherson is a producer, sound designer, live performer and DJ based in Berlin who creates “fucked up rhythms” from mangled field recordings. She’s also a multimedia artist who creates audiovisual works with frequent collaborator, visual artist and director Alessandra Leone.

Mc Pherson’s new album, States of Fugue – which is one of the year’s most adventurous club records – inaugurates a new “hybrid label” called SFX that aims to release not only music, but “objects and experiences” across various mediums.

SFX’s next release is a 15-minute edit of ‘Silent movement’, a spontaneous AV piece that was initially commissioned by Lafayette Anticipations Paris for its lifetime project. The video is made from video and photography recorded by both artists on the road, with the soundtrack recorded using voice and modular synth.

Mc Pherson’s FACT mix focuses mainly on recent releases by her friends, unreleased or forthcoming tracks, with a taste on what’s coming up on SFX, including John Object’s contribution to the platform’s Xquisite Force project and Klahrk & Lighght’s ‘The Motherfuckin Mountaintop’.

“The mix recording is pretty spontaneous, two CDJs, I wanted a live feel to it, ‘cus we don’t have this anymore,” Mc Pherson says. “So I didn’t overwork it to be all glossy and perfect, f**** that.” Believe us when we say this is one you’ll want to play loud.

Find Zoë Mc Pherson and SFX’s music at Bandcamp, and find a list of tracks on the mix with purchase links on this Buy Music Club playlist.


Zoë Mc Pherson – ‘Silent movement’ (unreleased)
Ben Vince – ‘Reality, on demand’ (unreleased)
Phew – ‘Cheers’
J E L L V A K O – ‘D O S I’
John Object – ‘Xquisite Force’ (forthcoming on SFX)
Pessimist & Holsten – ‘The Riot Tune’ (forthcoming on Hotline Recordings)
Flore – ‘Coded Language’ (3Phaz Remix)
Ice Eyes – ‘Maps of Despair’ (forthcoming on Ernest D. Tapes)
Zebra Katz, ShyGirl – ‘LICK IT N SPLIT’
DJ Ape & DJ Oa$is – ‘A1’ (Fuckpunk001)
A. Fruit – ‘Promises’
D:ma – ‘2. 5 rework 2’
Elvin Brandhi – ‘The old police house live!!!!!!’ (unreleased)
Robin Stewart – ‘Eat Grass’
Metrist – ‘QQraasi Qraas’ (forthcoming on Timedance)
Monotronique – ‘Fly like that’
El irreal Veintiuno – ‘Demagogia’ (forthcoming on YuYu x Infinite Machine)
Tomás Urquieta – ‘Midake’ (forthcoming on YuYu x Infinite Machine)
Klahrk & Lighght – ‘The Motherfuckin Mountaintop’ (forthcoming on SFX)
MOD-COMM 81 – ‘Digital’
E-Unity – ‘Tallarita’
CV & JAB – ‘Pungent Lake’
CV & JAB – ‘Out of office’
Tell Mama – ‘Unloved’
Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers – ‘Kay Marasa Dub’
Zoë Mc Pherson – ‘Untitled’ (unreleased)
Ugne&Maria – ‘Un ptit extra’ (unreleased)
Arad Acid – ‘Torqued Light’
Zoë Mc Pherson – ‘Tenace (dogs road)’
Janet Jackson – ‘Twisted Elegance’

Dijit – ‘Babaakh’
&apos – ‘SC_101101_000029’ (unreleased)
KMRU – ‘ib07’
Dive Reflex Service – ‘You Are Here’ (forthcoming on Limbo Tapes)
Comptesse de Brestot – ‘Je te vois encore mais laisse moi dormir’ (unreleased)

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