Featuring Lalita performing a duet with the iconoclastic duo’s A.I. vocalist, Oracle.

Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala have shared their latest foray into the surreal universe of Amnesia Scanner.

Teaming up with design studio PWR, the Berlin-based duo have animated the title track of their second album, Tearless, which features a duet between Lalita and A.I. vocalist, Oracle.

The video serves as an animated version of PWR’s intricate album artwork for the release, which sees Amnesia Scanner doubling down on their maximal, consciously nonsensical aesthetic, smashing pre-millenial angst into genre-shredding contemporary absurdity. In the artists’ own words, they have “scavenged the pop cultural unconscious, as if ventilating memory dissociated by trauma.”

The video follows Oracle’s recent cameo appearance in Freeka Tet’s 7h3 p1c7u23 0f f4c371m3, which featured a glitched-out rework of Amnesia Scanner’s ‘AS Truth’.

‘AS Tearless’ is out now.

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