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Fact mix 768: Galtier

Shifting tempos and deep space frequencies from the Infinite Machine regular and Nostro Hood System boss.

Originally from Melbourne and now based in the UK, Galtier makes high energy club music that draws on styles from around the world. It also looks further afield: his label, Nostro Hood System, makes frequent interstellar references.

Galtier’s Fact mix also looks outside Earth’s orbit. It’s a collection of forward-thinking club music from artists such as Anunaku & DJ Plead, NKC, ABSL & Simo Cell and Lurka, tied together with recordings of frequencies emitted by various planets in the solar system.

“I marked many of the key shifts by using recordings of the frequencies being emitted by various planets in the solar system that had been adjusted to be heard by the human ear,” Galtier explains.

“This use of interplanetary soundscapes makes enormous nods to my own label Nostro Hood System, which is is based around the xenological discovery of a parallel galaxy to that of our own and the culture of music that hails from within its confines.”

Nostro Hood System, which was launched by the Australia-born, Bristol-based artist in 2016, has released tracks from artists including Siete Catorce & Amazondotcom, Jaf Ge Nos and Recluse. Galtier is also a regular on Mexico City’s Infinite Machine, which releases his next EP on July 31. Titled Dancing On Ruins, it’s a three-track EP filled with propulsive beats, broken rhythms and desolate moods. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.


Siete Catorce & Amazondotcom – ‘Opposite Moon’
ABSL & Simo Cell – ‘Put Less’
Ink Midget – ‘Stop It’
Galtier – ???
Andy Stott – ‘North To South’
Tim Karbon – ‘Boiling Mafé Bowl’ (Stacktrace Dancehall Remix)
Galtier – ‘Mind Aggregate’
Galtier – ‘Balms’
??? – ???
Randomer – ‘Bell Jam’
Metrist – ‘A Reek’
Ovid – ‘Selay’
Anunaku & DJ Plead – ‘Haze’
Bine – ‘B}{B’
Dusmunder – ‘Evo’
Supercicie – ‘Masmorra’
Syn – ‘Full Moon’
NKC – ‘Shuvvin Match’
Noria Lilt – ‘Eternal Expansion’
Nihiloxica – ‘Black Kaveera’
Pearson Sound – ‘Cobwebs’
Lurka – ‘ssppeedd’
Galtier – ‘Precious Quartz (To Reave)’
Bonebrokk – ‘Tuunbaq’
Lynx feat. Ciah – ‘Disco Dodo’
Galtier – ???
Mistareez – ‘TATTYNAYLTTB’

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