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Fact mix 774: Kilbourne

“Tempo-smushing anthems for a speedy night in” from the US hardcore favourite.

For New York-based DJ and producer Ashe Kilbourne, hardcore is a way of life. “I will always love music that is aggressive or pushes you to the limit, especially these genres that are built around distortion,” she told AQNB in 2018.

Kilbourne started out making music inspired by Jersey and Philly club, and was affiliated with queer collective KUNQ alongside artists such as Rizzla and SHYBOI. With 2016’s Sourland, she began to find her voice as a hardcore producer, utilising blown-out kick drums to blistering effect.

In the years since, Kilbourne has created her own score to the classic ’90s movie Blade, explored hardware techno with NYC producer Doxa and released NJ Terror, an EP for legendary hardcore label Industrial Strength Records that pays tribute to early speedcore and terror.

Kilbourne’s Fact mix expertly balances hardcore’s euphoric, emotional side with its raw energy, rushing through tracks from Kilbourne herself and artists including Buzzi, Serum, Astrid Gnosis and Plexøs across 58 high-octane minutes. It also includes a preview of her next record, Pillsurfer, which will arrive on Parisian label Casual Gabberz.

“Tempo-smushing anthems for a speedy night in,” Kilbourne says. “Millennium classics, crunched kickdrums, songs by besties, and a heap of unreleased kilbourne tracks. Anti-Piep Kicks + Anti-Fascist. For all the wonderful pillsurfers in my life.”

Find Kilbourne’s music at Bandcamp.


Kilbourne – ‘Mouth Inside A Mouth’
Kilbourne – ‘Pillsurfer’
Serum – ‘Iron Cloud Rotating’
Buzzi – ‘Can’t Wait To Hear Your Mom Cry’
Rude Awakening – ‘Credit Is Due’
Enzyme X – ‘Bells’
Astrid Gnosis – ‘Drop Dead’
Kilbourne – ‘Pachyderm’
Plexøs – ‘TWEMP’
Ize – ‘Come Up’
The Twins Artcore – ‘Return Of Artcore’
The Hardcoholics – ‘Penis Vs. Vagina’
Akira – ‘Custom Grind’
Kilbourne – ‘Cultivar’
Kilbourne – ‘Cathedral’
Nasenbluten – ‘Blows To The Nose’
Tripped & Detest – ‘Hardcore To The Penis XL’
The DJ Producer – ‘Can’t Fuck With Me’
Kilbourne & Narotic – ‘Don’t Even Try To Fuck With Us’

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