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Fact mix 777: JamesBangura

A snapshot of the US club scene from a rising Washington, D.C.-based artist.

JamesBangura is the alias of Timothy Smith-Bangura, producer based in Washington D.C. whose music operates in the fertile meeting space between house, techno and jungle. His musical style is summed up by the name of his label, PercussionFunctions, a home for innovative club sounds from across the US.

While Smith-Bangura has been producing since the 2000s, the past few years have cemented his status as a producer to watch, with appearances this year on MoMa Ready’s HAUS of ALTR label and Vienna’s Step Back Trax alongside the release of his essential Rejeuvenated Youth Subliminal Savior EP.

Smith-Bangura’s next appearance is on 3AFAK: Love to NYC, the first compilation from DJ Sanna and Bergsonist’s 3AFAK party and platform that lands on October 2. Ahead of its release, Smith-Bangura presents a Fact mix featuring tracks from himself, DJ Swisha, Kush Jones, Huey Mnemonic, Ali Berger, D. Strange and more.

“This mix is a direct reflection of the artists I now call my friends,” Bangura says. “People who believed in what I was and have done sonically. I’ve either had conversations with these individuals via the internet or in person and I’ve learned something from each and every one of them. They say it takes a tribe to raise a child and I would say it’s very true in my case. Without the community I’m surrounded by, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Pre-order 3AFAK: Love to NYC here and find JamesBangura’s music at Bandcamp.


OakCitySlums – ‘GrubHub’
JamesBangura – ‘Drown It Out’
Bergsonist – ‘Feeling This LLM’
Bodyman – ‘Every Man Together’
Indy Nyles – ‘Delerious’
Brother Aten – ‘Negroes With Guns’
Mummbls – ‘Hawk Medicine’
Amal – ‘574S’
Max Watts – ‘Reverting’
Max D – ‘I Think Our Souls Are Other People’
Martyn Bootyspoon – ‘Lick My Ear’
Jake Plisken – ‘Drogba’ (Jake Plisken Glagow Funky Remix)
DJ Swisha – ‘Fake Molly’
Russell E.L. Butler – ‘Tout Va Bien’
Kush Jones – ‘Earth Note’
MoMa Ready – ‘Deep Enough’
Ali Berger – ‘Buzz (Dub)’
PlayPlay – ‘Twisted’
Raven – ‘Reboot Masculinity’
Huey Mnemonic – ‘Sunken Search Party’
D. Strange – ‘Chemical Weapon’
AceMo – ‘I Want, I Need (Your Love)’
INVT – ‘Coco Frio’
J. Albert – ‘Priorities’
Lux Nova – ‘Tower Of Hanoi’

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