Electro meets ambient on a set from the Ukrainian artist.

Poly Chain is the alias of Sasha Zakrevska, a multi-disciplinary artist from Kyiv who has played at the city’s CXEMA club, but also has strong ties with the underground scene in Poland, where she lived for several years and played at Krakow’s Unsound Festival. Her music recalls both classic electro and the smooth, blissed-out contours of ’90s ambient music.

In 2019, Zakrevska released three essential projects: a heady, two-sided LP called +​/​-, a collaboration with Bartosz Kruczyński on Into The Light called Pulses, and Currency, an EP filled with evolving synth patterns and crystalline textures.

Earlier this year, she appeared with Nene H on a split release inaugurating a new Kyiv label called Standard Deviation, an offshoot of the city’s ∄ club. On this week’s episode of Patch Notes, Zakrevska records a set that could be a companion to that release, hitting a sweet spot between dancefloor-focused rhythms and deep, contemplative synth ambience.

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