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Fact Mix 794: Lutto Lento

An uncanny mix from one of Poland’s most compelling producers.

It’s difficult to pin down Warsaw producer Lubomir Grzelak’s music to any one style. As Lutto Lento he’s experimented with dusty house music on FTD Records and Transatlantyk, eerie, downtempo moods on his debut album Dark Secret World, and plunderphonic oddities on last year’s Fortuna.

On his latest album, LEGENDO, released this month on Haunter Records, Grzelak creates what the label describes as a “work of sonic weird fiction” that sets out to subvert the atmosphere of his debut album by embracing his quirkier side. Making use of “deterritorialized” string instruments and digital sound design, the album is a strange blend of folk music, horror movie scores and metal.

Lutto Lento’s Fact Mix takes the listener down a similarly strange wormhole. The mix juxtaposes classical music and tracks from Rupert Clervaux, Black To Comm, Chunky, Martin Rev and more, pitched up and down to uncanny effect.

“This thing was put together on Saturday and in most part it is about death,” he says. “When you play music, it happens in time. The time is mapped into space but changing the pitch or speed of the previously recorded high quality classical orchestral music that was of course meant to be large, can create exceptional effects.”

LEGENDO is available now. Find more of Lutto Lento’s music at Bandcamp.



Maurice Ravel – ‘Introduction And Allegro For Harp, Flute, Clarinet And Strings’ (Jean Martinis, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra)
Jonathan Bepler – ‘Giants Epilogue ‘
Giacinto Scelsi – ‘Maknongan For Contrabass Clarinet in B Flat’ (David Smeyers, Susanne Mohr, Ensemble Avance, Zsolt Nagy)
Giacinto Scelsi – ‘Tre Pezzi For E Flat Clarinet’ (David Smeyers, Susanne Mohr, Ensemble Avance, Zsolt Nagy)
Giacinto Scelsi – ‘Ko-Lho For Flute And B Flat Clarinet’ (David Smeyers, Susanne Mohr, Ensemble Avance, Zsolt Nagy)
Slender – ‘So’
Lou Harrison – ‘Song Of Quetzalcoatl’ (Michael Colgrass, Philip Brown, Paul Price, Warren Smith)
? ? ? – ? ? ? 
Ludomir Różycki – ‘Ballade In G Major Op 18’ (Jonathan Plowright, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Łukasz Borowicz)
? ? ? – ? ? ?
Noah Creshevsky – ‘I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now’
Rupert Clervaux – ‘Damper and Drum’
Ghost Lemurs Of Madagascar – ‘Gorilla Water’
DJ Pracownik – ‘Stara Kopalnia’
U – ‘Storegga Slide’ 
David Wojnarowicz – ‘Cross Country 1’ (February-March 1989) Part 1
Spectre ft. Sensational – ‘Pillars Of Smoke (Return To The Temple)’
Martin Rev – ‘Dies Irae’
John Dowland – ‘Go Nightly Cares’ (Andreas Scholl, Julian Behr)
Teoniki Rożynek – ‘Come Run The Hidden Pine Trails Of The Forest’
Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa – ‘Edelbarth von Syndelfingen’
Dog Lady Island – ‘Nocturne Op. 15, Nr. 3’
Adam Strug / Kwadrofonik – ‘Preludium (Żegnam Cię Mój Świecie Wesoły…)’
Black To Comm – ‘Gustav Metzger as Erwin Piscator, Gera, January 1915’
Lubomir Grzelak – ‘Giant Mirror’
? ? ? – ? ? ?  (Adin Steinsaltz)
Za Siódmą Górą – ‘The End Of The Century’
Chunky – ‘Novella’ feat. Trigga 
Steven Stapleton & Tony Wakeford – ‘Lucifer Before Sunrise’

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