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Fact Mix 829: DJ Manny

A mix of ‘romantic’ footwork from the Brooklyn-based Teklife producer.

Born in 1990 in Chicago and raised in Harvey, IL, DJ Manny has been at the heart of the US footwork scene from a young age. He attended his first party with his brother before he was 10 years old, and went on to throw his own parties and produce his own tracks with the help of his cousin Jonathan, all before he turned 20.

Manny met the late DJ Rashad while in middle school, and he helped Manny release his first release, Kush on Deck, in 2010. Manny has been a key member of the Teklife crew ever since, building a formidable discography, much of it self-released. 

Now based in Brooklyn, DJ Manny this year returned to Planet Mu for a new album, 10 years after appearing on Ghettoteknitianz, one of the label’s early footwork compilations. Titled Signals In My Head, Manny’s intention was to create an “R&B love type of album but still keeping it footwork, juke, house, techno, with a few breaks. I just want people to know it’s love out there.”

On this week’s Fact Mix, DJ Manny showcases this hazy, romantic take on footwork with a set of predominantly original material, including music from the new album, collaborations with his partner SUCIA! and other Teklife members, as well as a number of unreleased tracks.

Signals On My Head is out now on Planet Mu. Find more of DJ Manny’s music and Bandcamp and follow him on Instagram and SoundCloud.


Sucia! & Manny – ‘Hard-drive’ (Sucia! Bandcamp)
DJ Manny – ‘Crazy S***’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Unblock’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Back 2 Work’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Smoke Machine’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘I Can Luv U’ (Unreleased)
Earl Manny Taye – ‘Slick Shoota VIP’
DJ Manny – ‘Control’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Drop Girl’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘My Way’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Who Want Smoke Edit’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Smooth Jungle’ (Bandcamp)
DJ Manny – ‘Nobody Edit’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Nasty Horns Edit’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘You Want My Love’ (Unreleased)
DJ Spinn – ‘2020’ (Planet Mu)
DJ Manny – ‘Want U Bad Edit’ (Unreleased)
DJ Chap – ‘Freestyle 2021’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny & DJ Rashad – ‘Ooh Baby’ (Unreleased )
DJ Manny – ‘Ghost Out’ (Teklife)
DJ Manny – ‘Smoke ‘n’ Fade Away’ (Planet Mu)
Sucia! – ‘Freaq Nation’ (Bandcamp)
DJ Manny – ‘Turn Me Up’ (Bandcamp)
DJ Manny – ‘Off The Wall’ (Bandcamp
DJ Manny – ‘Ha Ya’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny, Spinn, Chap – ‘Super High’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Opera’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Trapper Edit’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘At First Site’ (Planet Mu)
DJ Spinn – ‘Waterfalls Edit’ (Unreleased )
DJ Manny – ‘Feet Start Dancing’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Go Get It’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘No Rushing’ (Bandcamp)
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – ‘Why Cant We Smile’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Rework’ (Unreleased)
Sucia! & Manny – ‘Chin Up High Edit’ (N/ A)
DJ Manny – ‘Sexual Chords’ (Unreleased)
DJ Manny – ‘Ride & Rotate’ (Unreleased)

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