Inside the immersive digital work of the South Korean media art collective.

a’strict is a South Korean artistic collective formed out of digital design company d’strict. Comprised of motion graphic designers, visual artists, programmers and system engineers, a’strict’s stunning digital artwork utilises d’strict’s expertise in cutting-edge technologies to create immersive artistic experiences, both in public and gallery settings.

The piece that inspired the formation of a’strict was WAVE, was a public video art installation created by d’strict that recreated a wave crashing onto a large-scale wraparound LED display on top of Coex Artium in Seoul’s Gangnam district. The work went live in May 2020, and its immersive, illusory effect captivated the city at what was a particularly challenging time due to the global pandemic.

a’strict’s debut exhibition at Seoul’s Kukje Gallery in August 2020 took their wave concept to new levels of immersion with the premiere of their work Starry Beach. Currently showing at LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art, a new exhibition co-curated by Fact and SUUM Project at London’s 180 Studios, Starry Beach is a multi-sensory installation that invites the audience to a surreal space full of luminous, surging waves resembling a brilliant, starlit night. Accompanied by the sound of crashing waves, the high-definition projections punctuate the pitch-black surroundings with a unique visual rhythm.

In this film, a’strict talk about the group’s structure and creative ethos, as well as the inspiration behind Starry Beach. “We started from a space of nothing and drew our own version of beach,” they say, “only using the essential elements of waves, the physical properties and sound.”

LUX: New Wave of Contemporary Art is open until February 6 at London’s 180 Studios, 180 The Strand. For opening times and tickets visit 180 The Strand’s website.

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