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Fact Mix 850: FUMU

FUMU dedicates his whiplash-inducing Fact mix to “those living with inattentiveness and hyperactivity,” tracing the global response to the east African singeli movement.

Over the last four years FUMU (Fuck Up Move Up) has emerged as one of the deadliest operators within Andrew Lyster‘s YOUTH enclave, releasing a steady drip of killer productions, shooting frazzled noise and power electronics through radioactive dancehall and rabid house to create some of the most confrontational yet irresistible dance music of recent memory. Across Sinuate, Skinned and Almost, Never, Nearly Where?, FUMU zeros in on a jagged and visceral sound that, much like the work of his Return To Zero comrades Turinn and Sockethead, is aimed squarely at your entrails.

FUMU dedicates his whiplash-inducing Fact mix to “those living with inattentiveness and hyperactivity.” Fitting, then, that the artist has chosen the frenetic, BPM shredding intensity of the east African singeli movement as his focus, though, in reliably restless fashion, he doesn’t stop at the pioneering nodes of Kampala, Uganda and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Tracing the global response to the singeli explosion, FUMU tracks down sounds inspired by the hardcore, electronic take on Zanzibar’s taarab music bubbling away across six continents and 20 cities, including, but not limited to, Amsterdam, London, Warsaw, Shibuya City, Leipzig, Lima, Toluca, Celaya, Buenos Aires, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Glasgow, Lisbon, Philadelphia, Shanghai, Manchester and Medellín.

Surging between half-time and double-time, tracks from singeli pioneer Jay Mitta spark up against 19-year-old singeli innovator DJ Travella, Polish sound artist Maciej Maciągowski rushes headlong into xinagyu’s Japanese singeli variations, London producer MOEGLI paves the way for a Lisbon, London and Philadelphia link up by way of Shanghai in Estoc’s searing ‘Car Crash Trauma’ take on DJ Narciso & Endgame’s ‘Internacional’. Sapporo-based, “Big Elephant Electric music band” VERBXIABRIXO lurches into gorge music legend Indus Bonze, while unreleased tracks from audiovisual artist djb, Sacrilejio Records head Parzubanil and Manchester’s BFTT provide a glimpse at where this sound might be going next.

“I feel that Nyege is the catalyst for a new era of electronic music,” says FUMU. “I really hope I managed to show that in the mix. Also, the ups and downs of attention disorders are nicely displayed with the half time / double time aspect.” You can find FUMU on Instagram, SoundCloud and at the YOUTH Bandcamp. His new album, Enter The Anima, is coming soon on YOUTH.


djb – ‘Heida’ (Unreleased)
Errorsmith – ‘Jam For Sisso’ [Feat. Jay Mitta]
MOEGLI – ‘Belligerence’
DJ Narciso & Endgame – ‘Internacional’ (Estoc Car Crash Trauma Remix) 
Maciej Maciągowski – ‘DUŻO KOPRU’
xinagyu –  ‘Hiji No Biribri’
<1979> – ‘Overload’
Parzubanil – ‘Sal Y Perre’ (Unreleased)
Abssys – ‘Cosculluela VS Bulma’
Jay Mitta – ‘Mwakidimba’
El Chico Callado – ‘3 a.m’
NAJIB – ‘Facet وجوه’
Oblinof – ‘Nan/=*shs-12’ (DJ Hristos Remix)
Indus Bonze – ‘極悪坊主’ (Gokuaku Bozu)
TRSSX – ‘Pragmatic Body’
DJ Travella – ‘Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2’
STMBL – ‘You Turned Me Into Water’ (TRSSX Remix)
Hyph11E – ‘Escapism’ (Skyshaker & Lenchanter edition)
BFTT – ‘Keeplies’ (Unreleased)
Lekky – ‘Rave Slime’
Verraco – ‘NRG Remains’ (Chevel Remix)

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