Apparat – ‘Candil De La Calle’ (Fennesz remix)

By , Mar 2 2012

Matchless digital manipulator Fennesz has retouched the centrepiece of Apparat’s The Devil’s Walk.

For all its beguiling moments, Apparat’s most recent album often veered a little too close to schmaltz. ‘The Devil’s Walk’ was one of the more successful tracks, Apparat’s over-earnest melody redeemed by his dense, twisting instrumental. Self-Titled has drawn attention to Fennesz‘s reinterpretation of the track.

If the original was perhaps a little too gossamer for some, Fennesz’s rework brings the scuzz. The Austrian swathes the whole piece in a squall of feedback and flecks the melody with fragments of digital grit. Amidst the noise, Apparat’s pock-marked vocal line becomes all the more triumphal. The outcome recalls the beautifully damaged melodies of Fennesz’ landmark Endless Summer.


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