Objekt – Electronic Explorations mix

By , Mar 28 2012

The infuriatingly talented Objekt is, understandably, known more for his jaw-dropping productions than his gifts as a selector.

But, as his FACT mix demonstrated, these days an Objekt DJ set is similarly essential, contextualising those utterly unique tracks of his through careful deployment of molar-grinding Berlin techno, jagged, futurist electro and whatever else happens to be taking TJ’s fancy.

With that in mind, it’s probably worth checking out his contribution to the Electronic Explorations show – an hour of music ranging from Underground Resistance and MMM to Actress and FC Judd – not to mention the untitled Objekt demo nestled in there somewhere, which pretty much makes the thing worth downloading all on its own.

You can download Objekt’s EE mix – complete with brilliantly vague tracklist (our personal favourite: “on pomelo i think? from 2010 or 2011? it’s got a light blue kinda marbled sleeve”) here. The mix starts around 26 minutes in.

Angus Finlayson

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